What products work best for curly hair that is ...

I think I might be a mix between type 3b and 3c.. Can someone help me please. I discovered the site today and cant wait till tomorrow to start CG. But I"m having a hard time figuring out what type I am.
I want to know what products work best for my hair.

Can someone please give me a couple of tips and suggestions I would truly appreciate it.

I took this pic a few days ago

The other two are a couple of months old but my hair is about the same length


Hi, my hair is 3b/3c also. You have really nice length! I use products w/o a lot of chemicals, so these are pretty natural:

shampoo: was using aubrey organic honeysuckle rose; just switched to Terresentials Left Coast Lemon which has the consistency of clay, but is less drying (I had a Deva cut the other day, and she said to shampoo about once a month - who would have thought?)

conditioner: aubrey honeysuckle rose (I love this but have used it for years, so going to try Oyin & MHC for a change)

leave-in: jane carter revitalizing leave-in conditioner

styling: jane carter hair nourishing cream (love this & use lots of it), jane carter condition & sculpt (really keeps the frizz away, but not hardening or crunchy)

I ordered some all-natural products from MyHoneyChild, not sure how they'll work yet.

I'd be really interested to hear what other 3b/3c's use!

Orange: thanks for leaving tips on the products u use I will definitely try them out especially the aubrey honeysuckle rose cond. I keep hearing great things about them. Have u used Kinky Kurly curling custard?

KCCC would probably be good for you. You might want to try KCKT (Kinky Curly Knot Today). I use it every day and love it! I would also sugges Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee as a gel or Batia & Aleeza Gel (a little on the pricey side). For condish washes I use Deva One C and Deva No Poo every now and then.
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Cosigning the KCKT/KCCC combination (LOVE THIS COMBO), as well as the Batia & Aleeza gel. You hair looks ALOT like mine, and I have to say that my hair doesn't do well with anything that has any oil in it. It makes is swell up and get frizzy and spongy--cotton candy texture, I call it. I get this even when oil is way down on the list of ingredients. I thought I liked Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner, but the oil in it makes my hair big and poofy with a lot of shrinkage.

I'm still searching for a good conditioner. For now, I will go back to the Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze: It's cheap, smells great, and no oils.

My hair was absolutely unmanageable until I tried KCKT/KCCC.
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Thanks ladies I have been reading wonderful things about KCCC combo I want it to weight down my hair because it tends to puff out ... lmao just like cotton candy actually. We have a ricky's nyc here in south beach, fl that I can go to luckily they sell it here that way I dont have to wait for it in the mail... i wonder if it's cheaper online though...
must admit it's only been a couple of days doing CG but my curls are more define and feel moistured.

I have that nice 3b/c combo hair, too. Right now I use Catwalk Oatmeal Honey for regular conditioning w/ Suave Naturals for co-washing (I like the Tropical Coconut best just because it smells delish!) and for a leave-in. I use Biolage for deep conditioning and Joico K-Pak for when I need a protein treatment before coloring. For styling, all I use is Herbal Essences Set Me Up (if it's humid) or Totally Twisted.
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Orange: thanks for leaving tips on the products u use I will definitely try them out especially the aubrey honeysuckle rose cond. I keep hearing great things about them. Have u used Kinky Kurly curling custard?
Originally Posted by Cheerfuljess
Hi cheerfuljess, i haven't tried KKC. i'm trying to use cosmetics that are all or mostly natural ingredients (just personal preference), but I've read great things on here also about KKC.

Yesterday I found HR at whole foods, and the consistency is terrific. for some reason this batch is so thick it won't even squeeze out of the bottle through the cap - i don't remember it this thick, but i hope they keep making it this way.

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