Hair Type?

I know it's asked a lot but could you tell me what my hair type is. I have been transitioning for over a year and just had my ends chopped off. My hair use to be mid-back length!!

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It looks like 3B to me, but I'm no expert.
3A, medium fine. Currently avoiding shampoos, 'cones, 'xanes and sulfates. Hair length - a bit beyond BSL. Mostly CG since July 2, 2008.
It curls look like a 3b to me!
fine texture w/normal-abundant density
3b(canapy & sides), 3c(underlayer)?

co-wash: suave tropical coconut
leave-in: Biolage Conditioning Balm
styler: Biotera curling cream &Mastey EMPLACE sculpting spray gel

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