what do i use?!

hello all,

i just started getting into this stuff and really taking care of my curls. for the past 11 years, 95% of the time i was wearing my hair straight. i never really knew how to do my hair and when i did wear it curly i always felt as though all eyes were on me because of my HUGE hair. haha

i later came to realize when people started complimenting me that they were staring because they loved my hair! i haven't straightened my hair for almost 2 months and i have never had so many compliments in my life! customers i've had for years say that this is my best look by far. go figure...it's natural! ha!

anyway, i've been using aubrey honey suckle and rose conditioner, co-washing once a week and detangling the length all other days. i really like it. then when my hair is soaking wet, i apply curl keeper then batia and aleeza bio-herbal mineral sculpting gel,then scrunch a bit with an old t-shirt and diffuse.

my curls look totally different using these products than they did before. they are looser and more defined and i love how my hair looks.

my only complaint is that my hair feels totally dry! i want to try a new combo of stuff but i don't want to waste my money on products that aren't going to work.

what products have you guys found that work the best for your hair???

i'm a 3a on top and at the nape of my neck i'm a 3b.

thanks for your help!
The only thing I can think of is that you may have a protein sensitivity, as both of those contain protein. Protein sensitivity causes dry hair that feels pretty straw-like.

Search through the reader's product review section to see what others are using, or try a search on protein sensitivity for more info.

Here's a big list of stuff that should be safe for you:

CG since 6/15/08!
Medium-Fine/Normal Porosity

thank you! i'll check out the list. i never knew that hair could be sensitive to protien! looks like i have a lot to learn.

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