Do You Ever Get Headaches From Ur Hair??

my hair is so heavy, i get huge headaches!!! its to bsl now , i want it to my waist but i just dont think itll happen!! help me!!
It happens, especially when it's wet. I just try to do something that distracts me and put it up in a bun. It normally goes away without painkillers.
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I don't ever remember my hair giving me a headache. It sometimes aggrivates them, but I can usually trace the cause back to something else... allergies, eye strain, tension, etc.

eta: The way you do your hair up can cause headaches.
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it think its because my hair is soooo heavy!! whenever i have cut it short in the past my headaches went away!! haha i had a lady today ask me if i had tracks in.. i said then she comes back and asks me if my hair is permed!! she didnt believe me when i told her it was all natural!!!
I've noticed that I get them after having my hair ponytailed for a while. I think it's just the weight of the hair in the ponytail pulling back on my scalp. It happens sometimes, but not too often if I have it clipped up at the crown.

My hair is not quite halfway down my back and I've noticed that I get them more now than when it was shoulder length.
my hair just annoys me. some time to the point to where i pull it up and down though out the day from pony tail to bun to just leaving it down to do it own crazy thing.
ya I used to get headaches too, because I always used to pull my hair back into a tight ponytail....

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I get headaches too, my hair is bsl and whenever I pull my hair gives me a headache by end of day. I try to just leave it down or simply braided.

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My hair has never given me a headache! I want to grow it out really long.
i definetley get headaches from my hair! i pull it up in a pony tail or bun, or just rinse with cool water and it helps a bunch!
I do...when the headaches start, I know my hair's gotten too long and it's time for a cut (mainly because I wear it back so much when it's gotten too long).

Going back to modified CG, Aug. '08 (also pondering taking a lot of length off!)
Mine is really short right now, so the only head aches i get are from it driving me up the wall with moisture up keep.
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This is how I've wanted my hair to look! Awesome -- you must reveal how you do it and how you get it cut.

Oh... and thanks!

BTW, putting my hair up always gives me headaches. Unfortunately, with the humidity we always get in the NYC area, my hair is usually up.

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I used to get headaches all the time from my hair (it's now below hiplength) and finally figured out that (a) it was actually the muscles in my neck, and (b) after a few chiropractor appointments it went away. I still get headaches if I wear my hair up too long in a new hairdo, or if it the weight isn't distributed properly.

Hope this helps!

I definitely get headaches. Especially when I wear pony tails even if they're loose. Or when I have a bun. It feels better to just wear my hair down parted in the middle. Sometimes I get headaches or my scalp is sore if i part it on the side because its weighing down to one side.
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My hair gives me lovely headaches sometimes. Especially if it is not trimmed/layered for a while. Sometimes to keep it out of my face but not give me a headache I have to just put it in a loose bun with one of those thin cloth covered rubber band thingys(without the metal) Is your hair layered? I have found that keeping my hair layered cuts down on headaches greatly.

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