Bio Softening Info for Curlies who may be interested

wrote Christo from Christo 5th Ave about Bio softening because it seems like a very good treatment. I asked what exactly bio softening was and if it was a chemical. Before he wrote me all I knew was what was mentioned on his site which states: A unique blend of botanical extracts, conditioners, amino acids and proteins is added to this exceptional treatment, which makes thick, unmanageable and frizzy hair perform better. The results are softer and looser, and make beautiful locks that have lots of shine and great bounce without the bulkiness. Accept no imitations - this treatment has no substitute and is performed only at our salon. Starting at $300, and includes a Deep Therapy Masque Treatment. I'ts also a 1-2hr treatment depending on hair.

Christos response to me when I asked if it was a chemical was this:

Dear Asia,

The Bio Softening is not a relaxer. It doesn’t have any chemical in it. It is permanent and softer on your curls. In order to maintain it to last long, you just have to use the Deep Therapy Masque once a week. Then your hair will look healthier every time you do the process. It will last 3-6 months depending on your hair. We recommend free consultation before appointment.

Best Regards


How can it be permanent yet contain no chemicals and last 3-6 months? I was thinking it was like a silkener @ Ouidad or Curve which is just a relaxer with conditioner in it. But i guess not? I guess I'll have to go more into detail with my questioning if/when i do my consultation. If this treatment is for real then I will be first in line but i'll have to really do some research I dont want to go through another transition.
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Sounds interesting, however like you how is it permanent and not be a chemical. Something doesnt sound quite right.

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Sounds like a gimmick to me. It could possibly be natural. I hear that clays can make your curls looser, and clays are natural. I'm all for natural ways to make your curls looser, if that's a look you're going for. However, I don't know if you have to wait one to two hours for it to take effect. Also, I wouldn't think that it would last 3-6 months. And needing their special deep treatment every week? Hmmm...sounds suspicously like the Bakalaxer (sp?) to me, which I think is a natural "perm".
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If it is permanent, then it must be a relaxer....or texturizer. 300$? Yikes!
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