Wet Brushing

Bianca, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining.
Wet brushing doesn't damage your hair?

I was always taught that brushing your hair wet would destroy your ends. I may have to start if it doesn't though.
Originally Posted by AfroCurls
My hair loves it now. At first, I wasn't using the right technique for my hair, and it balked. But now, after I've sat with conditioner on it for at least an hour, and rinse well under strong running water first, the Denman 4 glides through my very tangle-prone hair like butter (I finger detangle slightly first).
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I agree that "stronger" hair tolerates brushing. For example, my hair loves it with the major caveat that I have to use the right brush. My favorites are vent and paddle brushes, and I only use them to detangle my hair when it is saturated with conditioner. I use the plastic brushes with little balls on the end.

Two different types of brushes are horrible for my hair. I would not recommend either of these brushes, unless you have a very different hair type.

1) Nylon bristles. These have lots of short nylon pieces all clustered together, and are not smooth plastic. These detangle and clump my hair but the bristles split my curls apart and create huge volume

2) Even worse is the Denman D4. The handle is too short to be used comfortably, and I have small hands. Even worse, this brush gives me HUGE, FLUFFY, POOFED OUT, DRY hair. :x :x I've tried it twice now with products that always work for me, so I know it is the brush. The only "good thing" is that my hair is baby soft when I use this brush. But that baby softness is not worth having the huge, blah, dry, fluffed out, bad looking hair. Also, this brush feels like a combination comb-brush because the rows are so close together and long.. I don't like combs so maybe that is also why this is awful on my hair.
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Agree about the strong hair because mine is definitely strong - my strands are coarse and thick and hard to process and grow quickly - and it loves brushing. I usually brush wet hair loaded with conditioner to detangle, and then brush product through wet hair if I use any. I also brush dry hair (dampened with a little water, oil and moisturizer) very gently at night. The trick is to work in fairly small sections - I divide my hair in 8 and clip the sections to separate, work from the ends up and go very slowly and gently, using your fingers to help detangle the stubborn knots.

For me, the brush HAS to be seamless and has to be a big paddle brush to handle all my hair. I used to use Denmans, but I have since found that the Aveda and Paul Mitchell paddle brushes are more widely spaced and easier to handle, and widely spaced bristles are good. I heard good things about wood pin brushes, but my hair was too strong and snapped the pins. I will use a boar bristle brush to slick hair back, but not to detangle because it doesn't grip well enough. I like those little brushes Black men use to get waves. Round brushes get tangled in my hair, so even if my hairdresser is blowing my hair out, she uses a paddle brush. I also hate the nylon bristles, and I never, never use those brushes with the metal pins with the round plastic tips on top - they break and pouff my hair unbearably.

For me, brushing makes my hair really, really clumpy and curly with a fair amount of shrinkage, so if I am creating a voluminous, curly look I am all about the brush. If I want stretchage, I use a wide toothed comb.
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Wetbrushing gives me far less shrinkage, than when I use a comb or nothing at all! Also my products are distributed better this way too! I also credit the long length that I have to wet brushing as well! I know that alot of curly experts don't recommend that a brush ever be used on curly hair, but I personally think that they are wrong! In some cases it works wonders for some uf us!
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Hmmm... I may have to try this. My hair was only a little wet when I tried this before. Kandes, what styling products do you use?
Originally Posted by babyphat21
Sorry for replying so late.

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I put the stylers with the gels because the majority of the time, I just apply a gel on top of my leave in and I'm done. I am still experimenting to find my Holy Grail combo. :-) I looooove the Soft Curl Cream, Redken Ringlet, and IC Fantasia Gel. I actually love all the products I use. I want to keep my products to a mimnum but...it's really hard when you read reviews about others. Like....Curly Nikki has put me onto Sebastian Potion #9. I HAVE to buy some of that!!!
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I used to use Denmans, but I have since found that the Aveda and Paul Mitchell paddle brushes are more widely spaced and easier to handle, and widely spaced bristles are good.
Originally Posted by Amneris
Do you have control issues with the size of the Aveda brush? I think we have the same one (the square detangler), but compared to the Denman, it seems to leave more tangles in my hair than it removes. I have a hard time getting around the back of my head and controlling direction with the handle alone, and the paddle is too wide for me to wrap my hand around. Therefore, lots of missed spots and less leverage when I hit a rough patch.

With the Denman, I wrap my hand around the bristles and not the handle, so it's like I'm finger combing with lots of fingers. It sails through tangles but takes a lot of hair with it. I am amazed at how much hair I pull out of the Denman compared to the Aveda, but I don't feel the pain half as much, if that makes any sense.

Also, do you use the Aveda under the shower spray? I'm concerned that it has a venting hole large enough to let water in, but not large enough to let it back out. I know what happens to brushes if you don't regularly take them apart and clean under the base, and it seems like the Aveda can't be taken apart.
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