What gels do you use from the other side of the aisle?

I have spongy hair that covers 3b-4a hairtypes. I have heard some suggestions about Sebastian Wet (Sally's version) and Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel. I am looking for gels that are not generally placed in the "ethnic" aisle. I only use those when I want to slick the hair back, but they make my super-thick hair dry SLOOOOOOOW. Any suggestions?
Biolage Gelee is one of the few gels I like - it's awesome!
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I like Aura Hypoallergenic gel. You can find it at Sally's. It's an Aveda knockoff.
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My favorite "other aisle" gel would be Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel-good hold, great smell, crunch scrunches out easily.

Here are some others I like: Suave Frizz Control Aloe Vera gel, Aussie Tizz No Frizz, Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt Styling Glaze.
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My favorite "other aisle" gel would be Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel-good hold, great smell, crunch scrunches out easily.
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Ditto! This has become a holy grail product for me.

I also like plain aloe vera gel for the days I slick my hair back.
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smooth n shine curl activator gel keeps my hair in place. of all the products ive tried, this one gets the job done...leaving my hair soft and shiny. lily of the desert aloe jelly is another staple...you can find it at whole foods.
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i really like aloe vera gel. i use fruit of the earth aloe vera gel and lily of the desert aloe vera gelly. you can find fruit of the earth in places like walmart and target for the best price. lily of the desert can be found in a health/vitamin store like whole foods and vitamin shoppe.

they are great because i find you can easily mix them with a lot of products without having too many product reactions. it's like my base product for control. then i add a holding product like honey/molasses and moisture from a styling creme and some oil.

i've done a lot of mixing and i've had great results. i recently mixed aloe vera gel, honey and biolage ultra hydrating condish so i could do my roomie's hair and her curls turned out lovely! also, today i mixed myhoneychild buttery soy creme with the gel and honey and my hair is nice and soft today. I hope that helps
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Do these gels leave crunch? How fast does your hair dry?

P.S. Has anyone tried LA Looks Mega Mega Hold Gel (9)? :P
I like Sebastian Wet gel. I consider that as from the other side of the aisle. :-)
Yooooo! Coily and Springy 3c!
Major PJ! Redken All Soft Conditioner & Biosilk Silk Therapy are my favorites!!


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I just tried sebastian wet. Love it.
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Truthfully, I don't use anything from the "ethnic" isle anymore... it's become the "other side" for me, as I find that I do better with products on the so-called white side.

I used to really like the Daily Defense gel. I used it a lot when I first went natural.
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Of the few I have tried, I like Volumax.
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