BBD Glass or Stretch

Has anyone ever used it? I've heard a lot about the stretch, but cannot see paying $45 for it!!!!! Any thoughts?

Anyone used it and think it is worth this?
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I tried BBD Glass and did not like it. It gave me flakes and I didn't like the smell. I washed it out right away so I don't know how it acutally would have worked in my hair.
I have and use both. I use the Glass as a gel substitute. It's supposed to be similar to Curve's curly pudding. I believe that's what they used before they created CP. Stretch can be a deep conditioner.
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what is BBD?
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I used the glass many years ago and did not like it. I smelled fine and the consistency is fine but it dried my hair out something fierce after only a couple of uses. I think this happened with other woman as well who used it too. So... I don't recommend the glass at all.

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