Fantasia IC Users- What do you use under it? Pics??

Hi all!

Just wanted some ideas as to what you use under the fantasia IC gel. How much of the gel do you think you use. Does anyone have any pics showing their results?

Most usually just use a leave in under it. I have started using Fantasia Gel for colored hair(Rec from Shygirl) and its the same texture as the regular gel but somewhat moisturizing

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Hey, do these have cones?
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Yeah but they are water soluable.

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where do you get this gel? anybody please?
Mostly 3C, some 3B and 4A
where do you get this gel? anybody please?
Originally Posted by LuvnMyCurls
Most drugstores carry it. Check for it in the ethnic/black haircare section.
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I use Elucence MB Condish/Leave-In, PM The Condtioner/Leave-In, or Sebastion Potion #9 Leave-In under my IC Fantasia gel. I took some pictures, but I have yet to upload them.
Yooooo! Coily and Springy 3c!
Major PJ! Redken All Soft Conditioner & Biosilk Silk Therapy are my favorites!!

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I use the Jamacian mango lime brand scalp treatment as a leave in. I found the leave in recommended by a few on this board by the same brand was not moisturizing enough for me. The scalp treatment works well as a leave in as long as you don't put too much it(it gets greasy) it also gets rid of the "crunch" left by the gel. I have a pic in my yahoo album of just the IC gel, I will upload more later
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Thanks to Shygirl, I use Jamaican Mango and Lime Cactus leave in under my IC gel. It's a great combo.

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