Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade- Anyone using this?

I used this when my hair was really short, and it hasn't worked well since my hair has been longer. But, for some reason, I'm itching to give this a try again. Are any of you using this? Under a gel? Over a leave-in? By itself?
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I think I have about 6 inches of hair now and I used it the other day with the sculpting gel. It worked really well, I should have taken a pic
I used to love it a while ago when I had my hair natural. This time around I've been staying away from it b/c of the price, I have so much hair and the hold is so light I would use a whole bottle in a week or less
2a with 3a mixed in. Fine, thin hair; straight at crown for 2 inches, then curl. Clips are my friend or I'd have no volume on top. Currently using DevaCurl line. Also love aloe vera gel and KCCC. CG since Feb 2010. First Deva Cut April 2, 2010.
I just got a haircut this weekend and the stylist used only PM foaming pomade to style. She applied by it taking individual curls, twirling and scrunching them. It ended up looking great!!! My curls look very ringlety and well-defined. Also, my hair feels very moisturized and looks so SHINY.

Since I have almost a whole jar of Curls whipped cream left, I'm going to try it applying it with the same technique.
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