Ladies who wear afro puffs

I was rocking my afro puff pony tail all week. I had worn my curls down and when they got messed up, I pulled them up and brushed them into the cutest afro puff. I then wore it like this for like a week. Each morning I would just remove the elastic band, re-brush the edges, put it back in the band, rub a lil WC over the puff. So I didnt comb it or restyle it.

I never have problems detangling my hair because it isnt thick or long, so this is rarely an issue, but it was tonight! My hair was so tangled!!!! I had shampood it, and had a conditioner (not my usual, one I'd dug out of the back) in it while I was trying to detangle it, and it was just not happening. I had to re wash and use my Suave Aloe (turns my hair to silk and gets the tangles out) and finally I was able to get my fingers through it, only after knots of my hair came out!!!

So my question is, do you have this trouble after wearing a puff? How do you solve it?
"Eventually I knew what my hair wanted. It wanted to be itself. To be left alone by anyone, including me, who did not love it as it was."
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When I wear a puff, I usually try to comb thru it when its dry by using a spray in detangler.

I know people say you shouldn't comb curly hair when its dry, but if i use a detangler i don't have any problems.

It keeps it from getting all tangled. also, I try to braid it or twist it at night instead of just sleeping on it, that helps prevent tangles.

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Great ideas! I'll definitely give those a try next time! Thank you!
"Eventually I knew what my hair wanted. It wanted to be itself. To be left alone by anyone, including me, who did not love it as it was."
~Alice Walker
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Yeah, sometimes I will get my spray bottle of water, detangle and braid in sections for tomorrow. If I don't do that, I have to detangle in the shower.
I have done this before, and not combing for a week is a disaster!

I also brush and comb dry hair, dampened with a detangler, water and something moisturizing and if I am careful, it's fine for my hair. I don't believe in only wet detangling because I have to detangle daily due to all the knots I get and I don't like wetting my hair daily.
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I wear a lot of puffs & buns and never run into this, and I only detangle once a week. More than that would be murder. I think the key for my hair is probably 2 things:

1) Lubricants - oil (castor or grapeseed), light butters like shealoe and oyin whipped pudding, etc.
2) Protection - if I'm wearing a puff vs bun, I'll plait the ends and tuck in at night, topped with a satin scarf.


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