Help! Redken Vertical-MI Salon

Hi all!

I need some help! I'm thinking about trying the Redken Vertical. I'm really fed up with my shrinkage. I want to know if anyone has tried it? I'm kinda new so I know there may already be posts about this, so please lead me to them if you can.

I also would like to know if anyone can suggest a salon in Michigan that does the Redken Vertical for my type of hair?

3C Curls
Looking for a good routine!

I am not sure what Redken Vertical is, but I am going to assume it's some type of chemical process. Am I correct?

If so, there are other non-chemical ways to combat shrinkage. What products have your tried? I have found putting heavier products on my ends helps. So do some curl activators. Braiding and twisting my hair while it's wet has also given me some really loose curls. What's your routine? How do you care for your hair? There are a tons of threads on here about shrinkage so i know you could find some good ideas to try
Short 4A Hair.
If you go to the Straightening/Relaxing topic, there is a thread on Redken Vertical about 5 or 6 down the page.
Short 4A Hair.

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