HELP PLEASE!! What type of hair am I????

Hi, everyone!!!

I've got no idea what type of hair I have. I think I'm 3b/3c, but I'm not quite sure... I took some pics and the one that shows the back of my head got me confused... I'm mixed race and there are a lot of types going on in my head... I did a big chop 3 months ago and I'm trying to figure out how to deal with my coarse thick curly hair...I have a lot a hair... a LOT!

I'm not using any kind of product, texturizer and so on... just a headband.

Help, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!
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It's kind of hard to tell because the lighting isn't good. But from the pictures 3b/c? The curls look looser than a 3c which is typically the size of a pencil.
1st. Your hair is gorgeous!

I wish my hair curled that pretty naturally, lolol! I would say looks like it may be 3B, your curls are really big, I think 3C curls are smaller.
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3C/4A mix I think
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Actually, I was going to say 3b/3c. Three 3c curls are only slightly smaller. I think with the thickness and with your hair being slightly coarse, you would benefit from a lit of the techniques posted in the 3c and even the 4a sections.

3c= sharpie/marker size curls
4a=pencil sized curls
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Extremely thick, kinky curls/coils that have a mind of thier own!!!!
I like my men and my hair....KINKY!!!!
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I agree with nappycurlycrown - my hair is 3c with some 3b but it is thick and dry - I find the products recommended by the 3c's and 4a's work best on my hair.
Thank God I found this forum!! Thank you girls!! I think I posted in the right place.

Oh, thank you Naya! Your hair is sooooo cute!

Before I decided to do the big chop my hair was an undefined mess!!! It wasn't curly, it wasn't straight, it wasn't kinky...but it was dry, that's for sure!

I was sooooooo tired of that crap relaxers (and I was about to turn 30 years old ) that I finally decided to end up that madness. I couldn't be soooooooooooo happy now... I LOVE my curls. I don't even remembered how my real hair was... I relaxed since my teenage days...

The only thing I'm struggling about is the thinckness and the quantity of hair I have... And quite scared because I'm letting my hair grow. But now I hope to learn more, more and more...

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