I Love Redken!!!

Okay...I've been away from the site for the past month. Anyhow, someone recommended Redken's All Soft line to me. I think it was Curltopia. :-) Okay...I am in love with the Redken All Soft conditioner and the Clear Moisture Moist Ends leave-in (the lady at Trade Secret talked me into getting this). Look, I never really paid much attention to Redken products until I got the free Ringlet. But, this stuff is good. I have gotten 2nd and 3rd day hair while adding these products to my regimen.

Does anyone else use Redken products? If so, how do you like them?
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Major PJ! Redken All Soft Conditioner & Biosilk Silk Therapy are my favorites!!


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redken is great! it was one of the first product lines i used when i went natural. i used the smooth down line and it was just amazing. the butter treat was a big thing on the boards a couple of years ago. it just makes my hair melt in the shower, great slip. also, the shampoo is pretty gentle and the condish is very light.

the all soft line is great too. i think they changed the formula of the heavy creme because it seems like the actual condish is thicker than heavy cream. i also like the sun milk because it helps in the summer time from UV damage. i don't really use it as a leave in, more as an ending to my routine that way i have a lil extra protection when i go out in the sun. i remember webjockey using this product and she liked it also. the fresh curls line is good too but i like the smell more than anything lol

how is the clear moisture? i've been wanting to try it but i'm worried that it may not be heavy enough for my hair. however, if you say it's good, i must might have to make a run to ulta today
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I like the clear moisture. Their web site says it's a light leave-in, but it does a pretty good job on my hair. Now, I haven't tried it alone yet when doing naked hair. Here's what I do:

Condish rinse and wet brush with the All Soft Condish.
Rake/finger comb the Moist Ends through my hair.
Then, I'll either rake/finger comb Ringlet through, or wet brush some IC Fantasia gel.

When I apply my products I like my hair to be WET, especially if I brush the IC Fantasia gel through. So, I have a bottle of water and a little Moist Ends for that.

Try the Clear Moisture Moist Ends. My hair is super thick and it works great for me. Now...after reading your post, I have to hit Ulta or Trade Secret to get the Butter Treat. I love a product with great slip. I also think I need to try to Sun Milk. This will be my first summer wearing it "out." Last summer I was still holding on the relaxed ends so I was pretty much in a bun the whole time.

One more thing about the Moist Ends. I haven't had a trim/cut since October 2005, so I right now I am getting random fuzzy ends (you now what I'm talking about?). Well, I've noticed the Moist Ends kind of "seals" them and makes the look more defined. Anyhow, I just looked in the mirror and my hair doesn't even look like 2nd day hair. I am so impressed with Redken. I'll be purchasing their products every time I have some extra money.

Yooooo! Coily and Springy 3c!
Major PJ! Redken All Soft Conditioner & Biosilk Silk Therapy are my favorites!!


Relaxer free since Sep. 2003!
well well, you have convinced me! darn you!! lol. i will be going to ulta and picking up some. by the way, i know here ulta has a lil catalogue that comes out weekly and it will have either a $3.50 or 20% off coupon on the front. i get it in my newspaper as well as in the mail because i shop there so often. so check out your sunday paper to see if you get it, it's worth it

girl my hair is super thick also but it's crazy too. i've tried leaving in conditioner but it just laughs at it. so when i want to rock a nicely moisturized fro, i'll leave in condish and roll out like a diva. the only thing i don't like is that i'll have to redo my hair the next day. i'm lazy and i've perfected my routine to get my hair to last over a week with my curls still in tact.

i totally agree with you about having your hair WET. that makes a real difference in how your hair will turn out later as well as how it will accept product. i don't use a towel on my hair, i just squeeze the water out, and then i spray my hair with coconut oil/water mix. i'll spray during product application and when i'm done. i really makes my hair turn out great.

good luck on the butter treat and let me know how it is. i'll definately tell you about the clear moisture. if you really like the redken products after a while, check out ebay. i bought liter sizes of the smooth down poo/condish and it was worth it. i also bought the lush whip (awesome styling cream) for a fraction of the price.
Truly Aesthetic...mind, body and spirit

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