New 3b here, ladies and gents...

Nice to be here! My name is Lauren and I am a 3b. I have short, pixish hair now, just recently cut it. Check pics at my website. Hey, I'm wondering, are there any short n curly girls out there?

Oh, and what would you recommend for hair that totally sucks up any styling product in a matter of a few minutes? I've been wanting to try Jonathan "dirt" paste. Anyone here tried that? Is it worth the dough?
3b, and it's thick, coarse and big!
I have short hair too, but it's to my jawline...

all my pics are in my hair journal!

I've never tried that product, but I know there's a Fructis Cream that a few people seem to like on here. I generally stick with gels.
Sarah - 3B/C, CG since 11/25/05

DevaCurl and Jessicurl rock my hair care world.

My Hair Journal

Hi Lauren!

Welcome! I have short 3b/c hair - not as short as yours, but I was there last year when my hair was growing back! You rock it though, I on the other hand looked like a giant kiwi! So I'm sllloooowwwwllly trying to let my hair grow. It's longer than the pics I have by a teensy bit - I'm finally getting some length.

I tend to steer clear of pastes and pommades since for some reason they always seem to leave films and make flakes on my head. But Suave Aloe Vera Gel has always worked for me regardless of length.
3b (I think!)
HGs - Suave Nexxus Knockoff, Jessicurl Weekly DT, L'Oreal Out of Bed, HESMU.
Hi! I'm new, too, currently in the throes of hair flux. I'm both having a hair disaster (ran out of One Condition and bought a drugstore brand that didn't sit well with my long, fine curls) and about to undergo dramatic hair change (I'm thinking chin-length) for the first time ever. So perhaps I'll be a short-hair comrade soon.
Stylist: Chai @ Dirty Little Secret
Products: OneC, Angell, Suave Naturals Lavender with extra honey added (for co-washes)
My hair: layered shoulder-length 3b

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