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tetbelle 03-15-2006 10:13 AM

SOS Natu Hair Brazilian Hair product
This stuff is the best! I can't find it here in the states. It defines the curls and makes your hair so soft. I got it from my Brazilian Au pair. She had her sister ship her some but shipping is costly. Anyone know where to get it? It's truly a dream product. I don't read portugese but some of the ingredients have the same names it contains shea butter, silicone, vitamin A. Even after you wet your hair is still soft and shiny. I used it for my wash and go. My Au pair uses it and her hair looks great. Before her sister shipped her the product she tried a lot of the stuff we have have here and her curls were not the same.

S.O.S. Natu Hair by Skafe Cosmetics

=~ohura~= 03-19-2006 06:43 AM

I have not heard of or seen the product sold anywhere.

I am more interested in the fact that you have an Au Pair. :lol:

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