SOS Natu Hair Brazilian Hair product

This stuff is the best! I can't find it here in the states. It defines the curls and makes your hair so soft. I got it from my Brazilian Au pair. She had her sister ship her some but shipping is costly. Anyone know where to get it? It's truly a dream product. I don't read portugese but some of the ingredients have the same names it contains shea butter, silicone, vitamin A. Even after you wet your hair is still soft and shiny. I used it for my wash and go. My Au pair uses it and her hair looks great. Before her sister shipped her the product she tried a lot of the stuff we have have here and her curls were not the same.

S.O.S. Natu Hair by Skafe Cosmetics
Currently Transitioning
Previously natural off and on for over 10 years
3C hair very thick
I have not heard of or seen the product sold anywhere.

I am more interested in the fact that you have an Au Pair.

Do a better job of covering your stinky aliass.

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