Plopping "The New Yoga"

I tried plopping for the first time today with an old pillow case. I found it to be really awkward to put my head upside down, try and get my hair to stay in one place and then to twist up the edges of the towel tight enough to hold my hair up but not so tight I squash the curls. (Upside down doing all that, I started feeling like I was in a Yoga class, lol) I finally got it to stay after several tries. Anyone have any tips for how they get their hair to stay in the towel (or whatever they use) just to make the process a bit quicker?

The results from plopping were absolutely great though! I had so much beautiful curl and no frizz!! I kept getting compliments on my hair all day. I washed and conditioned my hair with Paul Mitchell skinny hair, then I used a leave in conditioner. For my styling product I used Re:Coil and Sunsilk Mousse, with a bit of Paul Mitchell's skinny hair serum. (This was my old routine until about two months ago I got hit with the frizzies really bad and then started to spend way to much cash on products that were suppose to help with the frizz but did nothing.)

I am ordering one of those aquis hair towels from curl mart because the pillow case didn't help with drying. Has anyone tried them with good results yet? How quickly do they help your hair dry? I really want to stay away from the defuser, I have tried a few different defusers and tried pixie curling, but my hair seems to hate it, so if the towel works I may have found my golden ticket to great hair!!
i put my towel onto the toilet seat then flip my hair upside down and lower it onto the towel. i think the height and the fact that my hair is already upside helps alot!
i use these towels from walgreens
(2 in a pack, sewed them together) they are much softer than regular microfiber and work wonders for my hair (plus only $3.99?!)
my hair hates diffusers also!
3B just past BSL in back (when curly)
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HG's:biolage condtioning balm and kpak (both the generic value versions)
overnight plop with a flour sack the strutt way
honey after leave-in
satin sleep cap & shea butter for day 2 hair
ALSO LOVE:jessicurl aloeba leave-in, rr, ccss
by: Riot Crrl!
I think you could walk around with words and stick people drawn on your face and still look supercute.
The results from plopping were absolutely great though!...I am ordering one of those aquis hair towels from curl mart because the pillow case didn't help with drying. Has anyone tried them with good results yet?
Originally Posted by FullOfCurls
I love, love, love my curl-ease towel. I diffused this morning because it was 13 degrees F outside in Chicago, but most days I air dry. The curl ease towel really cuts down my drying time without making my hair frizzy. It's really big, so tying it around isn't diffcult. I learned how to do it by watching the video on the jessicurl website. I think it's called "plunking" there.

I plop before applying products; otherwise they come off in the towel and then my hair doesn't turn out as well. But some people plop after products and then add more product at the end -- that might work too. I plop anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes depending on my schedule.

Today I was very careful in diffusing and used the diffuser as if I was plopping (similar to the pixie curl method, but without turning off the dryer) and my hair turned out well. But even then I plopped first and that quickened the whole process.

I travel each week for work and take the curl ease towel with me. I think it's about time I bought a second one so I can just leave one at home!
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summer/fall styling: CJ CCCC lite + CIAB + Curl Queen pw = 3ahair
I ordered my aquis towel, but I am going to try and find some micro towels to give a try too.

I am finding that the more I practice the better I am getting at plopping, but I definately keep getting great results.
My hair is about collar bone length if not shorter. Does plopping still work? I really want to get my curls to go curlier and have more volume but I'm not sure if it is a waste of time for me to try plopping since I don't have long hair. I know that the idea is to accordion your curls together in the towel so they dry that way but again, I'm not sure how it would work for shorter curls. Has anyone tried it or heard about its use with short hair and the results? Thanks =)
there was a thread a few weeks back called "short hair plopping" or "plopping for short hair"...i'll try to find it. i think your hair is long enough to try plopping. i would say just don't try it for more than 15-30 minutes--if you hair is shorter you probably won't benefit much from going longer than that in terms of water absorption, plus if the back of your hair is pulled more or less straight to get up into the plop then it will be drying that way.

i have tried a split plop (using two fabric pieces, one for the top and side curls, one for the back of my hair) and this helped some. also i plopped backwards by accident one day (back of my head as opposed to crown or top) and had crappy side curls but good back ones. there's always a trade-off somewhere, eh?

anyway i'd say try it. worst case you have waves for a day (or however long you go between washes).

ETA: here's that link, hopefully it will help:
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Thanks so much for the reply! So I tried plopping, nervous that it wouldn't work out but in the end it did. Although my hair is pretty short I found it gained a lot of curl, especially in the shorter layers under the rest of my hair that tend to straighten out when I dry them using my old method. I also went to that link which had some good info. I think the trick with the shorter hair is don't try to get it all on top of you head. All I did was scrunch my hair flip it over and do the plop like that...let my curls lead the way. Needless to say, I am excited I found this website and this method.
every time I plop (all of twice now, anyways) I get my BSL hair caught in the twists on the sides that I tie with... I kindof have a hard time fitting all of my hair. it is SUPER thick.

And the first time I plopped (overnight) I ended up with really great curls in the back where it's usually horrible, but the front was really actually straight for about 3 inches at the roots. and it would not part. I have a side part normally, and something about plopping wouldn't let me. it looked horrible down. I ended up putting it half-up, and then proceeded to get compliments for 2 days

any advice from you experienced ploppers (that's just so fun to say. hehe)
I am a 3a/b with normal-coarse hair that is medium-thick and fairly porous.

Currently using:
~VitaminShampoo (CG )
~L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy that is a mouthful.
~Garnier Fructis curl-shaping spray gel
~Pantene curl defining mousse
I got my new towel and it is wonderful!! I found a really great routine too. I have started the no poo routine and always rinse my hair with cold water or poor cold water over it after. Then while it is still soaking wet I use a leave in conditioner, Paul Mitchell's skinny hair serum, Herbal Essentials Gel, and some CK. I plop it for about 30 mintes and if it looks like there are going to be frizzies I put in a bit of spray gel. I have done this three days in a row and it looks awsome! Plus my hair is completely dry on it's own in about an hour.
Bye bye defuser!

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