Questions about my 3c type hair?

How much should I comb my hair?

How much should I wash my hair a week with shampoo?

and what is a good styling product/s for 3c type hair?
i only comb my hair when it is beginning washed or cowashed: in the shower wet with lots of conditioner. that equals every 3 days for me.

i would only suggest using shampoo once a week max. i use it every 9 days aka my 3rd cowash

products are relative to the head but fantasia ic olive gel is amazing. also find a creamy leave-in conditioner
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I only wash my hair once a week and co-wash twice a week. And I only use my fingers. I use 3 products regularly :Eulencense Moisture Balancing Conditioner as my co-wash and leave-in, eulescense moisture benefits shampoo and Fantasia IC gel with aloe vera and jojoba oil added. Sometimes I use Curls whipped cream to brush my hair back.
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How much should I comb my hair?
Only comb or brush it when it's wet. That's the number one rule.

How much should I wash my hair a week with shampoo?
I shampoo my hair once every one or two weeks. Depending on the buildup

and what is a good styling product/s for 3c type hair?
It depends. What might be someone's trash can be someone's treasure.
I only comb my hair once a week and shampoo once a week.As for products,you need to experiment and see what works for your hair.
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So what is a co-wash? I thind my hair out three months ago. and now im trying to grow it all back does anyone know how I can do this?
A co-wash is basically washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo.

I only comb my hair when its wet (after a cowash, or if I re-wet it)

I co-wash every other day, and I shampoo once a month.

Styling products vary from person to person. I am in love with Kinky Curly Curling Custard (I have to order it online) and Long Aid Activator Gel for Extra Dry Hair (you can get it at walgreens).
Oh ok. so what exactly does a curl activature do for your hair? my hair is curly but I have some kinks mixed in there. would it turn those kinks into curls?

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