New member in DC Area!

Curltopia, thanks for your welcome and your input. I might have to give One C a try.
I have a full jar of Baby Buttercreme, paid $48. Does anyone want to swap Devacurl One C? Especially DC curlies....we could save on shipping!
Another member has agreed to swap with me Looking forward to using One C!
You're welcome Sugarhoneyicedtea!

I don't know Yodit's price list, but I'm sure I'm going to pay LESS than $100 for a trim and style. It wasn't difficult for me to get an appt. When I called, I was offered an appt with her for 4 days later, but I declined. I wanted to schedule for a later date. My stretched hair is down the top of my back, but not BSL. Unstretched, that's another story I did the big chop in 11/03. I've been relaxer free for 2 yrs and 4 mths I will let you know what I think about Yodit and the salon.

Anyone knows how she trims the hair,dry or wet? I prefer her to do it dry.

Curlilocs, come on up!
Originally Posted by Chicki
Thank you. Congrads on two yrs relaxer free. I made it to the 1 yr mark on St Patty's day.
OS Spongy, Fine, 3c, with patches of 4a in the back.

Blended Beauty Type: 3b2 & 3b7

Big Chop: March 17, 2005
Last Relaxer: December 24, 2004
I've been going to Yodit for 2.5 - 3 years. She's great. She's also honest. If she thinks your hair is damaged and you need more than an itsy-bitsy trim, she's going to tell you. Whether or not you want to go along with it is another thing all together. She's about healthy hair. So, she's not for you if you don't want honesty.

I always put myself completely in her hands and she's never steered me wrong. Once, I only wanted an 1/8 of an inch cut off. She told me I needed an inch b/c of split ends. I told her to do it b/c I know she's not scissor happy. Salon Cielo's prices are not cheap. They are "reasonable." I had a small trim and a demi-color put in this weekend and it was $110. The salon's minimum prices are on its website.

She is not, however, the only hairdresser in the city who can do a texturizer. There are plenty of them. There's no way Yodit could be doing all the texturizers in the city. Yodit currently has a texturizer, but the last two times I've seen her she's been wearing it straight. I also don't know if she uses the Phyto Relaxer in the salon since it is an Aveda Concept salon. She might use Aveda's product instead on clients.
Discgirl, thank you so much for your reply! Yodit sounds like EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I want someone knowledgeable who will give me good experienced advice. I also want someone who will take care of my hair, not just make it look good. I'm not one who hangs on to straggly ends just to keep length. I think $110 is VERY reasonable for what you had done.

It seems as if you are very satisfied with her services. I'm looking forward to meeting her. Does she trim wet or dry?

Do you think many ladies in the DC area are wearing texturizers? Do they still look "natural" or is it obvious it's a chemical job? And how does it look when it's time for a touchup?
I don't really try to guess who is or isn't wearing a texturizer. I just figure given the number of black women in DC, many probably have (good) texturizers and Yodit can't be the only one doing them. As far as whether I think it looks natural or not when women have their hair texturized, short of someone dripping Jheri juice, who really knows what someone has or has not had done. People can look tore up from the floor up regardless of whether they're "natural" or using some sort of chemical.

I once read somewhere that eventual straightening of the length of texturized hair is just one of those things which happens. Then again, I don't know. I've looked at the Curve site and sometimes that seems to be taking place, but that could also be women who have over time asked for more "aggressive" texturizers.

Yodit has trimmed my hair both wet and dry.
Wow, thanks, Discgirl. What does Yodit's hair look like curly? Does it look wavy or does she still have curl to her hair? All the people that i've seen with known texturizers their hair looks like small waves with no curls. And have you ever had a texturizer done by her?
OS Spongy, Fine, 3c, with patches of 4a in the back.

Blended Beauty Type: 3b2 & 3b7

Big Chop: March 17, 2005
Last Relaxer: December 24, 2004
I haven't seen it curly since she put the texturizer in. She has a "shorter" layered cut, right now. Before she did, she used to wear it in a big curly afro whenever I saw her. To paraphrase her, the bigger the better. Her hair seemed to be of the texture, I've seen on many Ethiopian women, but maybe a little tighter curl. I don't know. I'm not good at that sort of thing b/c I don't pay much attention to it really.
No. I haven't had a texturizer done by her. I haven't had any sort of relaxer on my head in the last, maybe 4 - 5 years. The most extreme thing I've done chemically is highlights. I've thought about a texturizer once or twice, but decided I'm too enamored of the crazy type 4 and whatever else is in there stuff going on on my head.
I'll be in DC this summer for a program and I am most definitely calling her!
Fotki PW: PM me for it!
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I'm from DC too! Yay DC!
Hair Type: 4a with 3c sections...frizzy,wavy,bushy,curly
So, have you had your appointment with Yodit yet?

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