Please Share Your Curling Routine

Please share what is your process. What shampoo, conditioner, and other products do you put on your hair and in what order.

Ive seen several lists of faves products, but a lot of them do the same things, and no one shares how do they use it.

so please share.

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After 4 years of being natural,I think I've finally found a hair routine that works for me. Please understand that what may work for me may not work for you...if that was the case I would have been found a way to tame this beast. LOL. Learning your hair is just trial and error.

My Products
Shampoo: Eulcence Moisture Benefits Shampoo
Conditioner: Eulcence Moisture Balancing Conditioner (EMBC)
Leave-in: Eulcence Moisture Balancing Conditioner (serves as a co-wash and leave in!)
Styler: Fantasia IC Gel (I add in aloe vera and jojoba oil)
Daily Moisture: Curls Whipped Cream

My Routine
1. I shampoo once a week to get rid of buildup from my leave-in and styler. This is important, bc if you don't remove build up your curls will fall flat and not curl properly.
2. I co-wash about 2, sometimes 3 times a week.
3. When I co wash, I wet my hair under the shower fall. Using only my fingers, I separate my hair into 6 sections. For each section I put a dollop of EMBC and finger comb in through, being careful with tangles. After I get each of the 6 section covered thoroughly, I run a little water through to distribute and finger comb my hair so the tangles are fully undone. Then I squeeze my hair of excess water and conditioner. I leave a nice film behind of the EMBC (its a leave in too)
4. Then I get my Fantasia IC (or Kinky Curly), and put the gel in simularly to the way I did my conditioner, except I scrunch my hair up towards my scalp to help the curls form. Some times I bend over to really get the nape of my hair.
5. I get a cotton t-shirt and wrap it around my hair to absorb excess moisture, and keep it on while I lotion, brush my teeth, wash my face...ect. as I get ready. When 'm ready to go, I take the t-shirt towel off, give my head a shake and I'm off.
6. On days where my hair need a little extra moisture, I just rub Curls Whipped cream through it. I also use Curls to brush back my hair in a pony tail when I want it.
7. At night I bunch it all into a satin night cap.
~> This routine give me 3rd day hair, and sometimes 4th day hair.
Hope that helped

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My Products:

Conditioners- Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, V05 Moisture Milk or Vanilla Mint tea, Giovanni Tea Tree

Leave In- Nexxus Humectin

Oil (for sealing ends)- Natural 7 Olive Oil Formula

Gels- Long Aid Activator Gel for Extra Dry Hair, Kinky Curly Curling Cream, Pantene Curl Scrunching Gel

My Routine:

1. I use one of the listed conditioners to do a co-wash (note I only comb at this time)

2. I slather in Nexxus Humectin and finger comb it through

3. I use Natural 7 Oil to seal my ends (I just squirt a bit on the ends while its wet and lightly press it in)

4. I stick 3 fingers in the Long Aid gel and slather that amount into my hair (still finger combing)

5. I stick 3 fingers in the Kinky Curly Curling Custing and scrunch that amount in by turning my head to each side and scrunching . . . then flipping it to the front and doing the same thing (I sometimes put a little of the Pantene Gel on the ends for hold . . . but it's not usually something I do)

6. I air dry without touching (touching means frizzies for me). If I have to go to sleep before my hair dries I use mini hair clips to pin up the sides to preserve the curl as I sleep (I tend to sleep on my side), I cover with a satin sleep cap.

7. In the morning the front may be a little warped (despite the pinning it up), so I spritz it with water (just enough for it to get damp and NOT saturated) and scrunch in a little more Kinky Curly (just a tad bit) . . . by the time I leave the house it's almost completely dry

8. When hair is completely dry (usually on my way to work) I begin scrunching out the crunch if there is any

Other Notes
  • I deep condition with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Hair Mask or a Cholesterol Treatment (mixed with olive oil) weekly (or at least once every two weeks)
  • I wash with a light sulfate Shampoo once a month to get rid of any buildup I may have. I usually do this with Nexxus Theratin Extreme Moisture Shampoo, or with a Garlic Shampoo (supposed to help with shedding).
  • I also do a hot oil treatment weekly with V05 products (the kind that is activated by the heat in the shower)
  • From time to time I let my hair rest and just pull it up in a bun for a week (no co-washing or combing, except for lightly brushing the front and sides maybe). When I do this I slick it back with Miss Jessies Baby Buttercream and Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel (I use the aloe vera gel to thin out the buttercream) and do a kind of donut bun (I don't use a donut though, I use a scrunchie). The only thing I may do when I'm "bunnin" it is to change the bun around to the side . . .or make it higher or lower . . . etc.
  • I don't co-wash EVERY day . . . somedays I just re-wet and use the gels to revive
Sorry this was so lengthy. . . lol. It was trial and error with my hair for so long that I am happy to have a routine now! I hope this gives you some ideas!

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my ultimate list of products:
-sulfate free shampoo (currently kiss my face miss treated shampoo)
- elucence moisture balancing conditioner
- oil blend
- deep treatment (my favorite is jessicurl wdt, i just tried out mop extreme moisture)
- gel (either fantasia ic gel w/ sparkelites, aubrey organics mandarin magic jelly, or kccc)

-no more than once a week, i shampoo my hair.
- i use the elucence mb conditioner as a co wash or as a rinse out conditioner while im in the shower. rinse.
- wrap my hair in a microfiber towel for a short while to get rid of the drippies.
- i mix a bit of oil (my hair loves oil so any kind does the trick) and elucence mb conditioner in my hands and then rub my hands through my hair.
- with a wide tooth comb, i comb it through to make sure it gets distributed more evenly.
-the end.
-i dont need gel, but if i decide to use it then i apply it after my leave in/oil combo. pretty much the same way i apply my leave in. if i want less volume, then i section my hair and apply the gel in small sections and comb each section with a smaller toothed comb.
- i try to do a DT once a week. i have run out of the products i usualy use for a DT, but mixing the elucence with a bit of olive oil and honey works really well. whenever i do a DT, i let it sit on my hair for at least an hour. i cover my hair with a plastic cap and then usually add another hat (like a winter knit hat) on top and use my body heat to aid in the process.
- whenever needed, i do a protein treatment using elucence extended moisture repair treatment. i color my hair frequently so it keeps my hair strong and fights breakage. plus with my fine strands, i need a protein treatment to help fight off split ends. since i havent colored my hair in a few months, i do a protein treatment once a month.
I've only done one wash & go in the last 3 weeks. I've been twisting and curling once around twice a week.

- Wash hair with Chagrin Valley soap or co-wash with Suave or GVP Matrix Conditioning balm.
- Condition and detangle with Too Shea or Curl Junkie Hibiscus Banana Deep fix, rinse out around 70%
- Butter ends of hair with Qhemet Burdock Root butter cream or Jane Carter Nourish & Shine or KBB Hair cream
- Abba Nourishing as Leave, then a little Sheamoisture or KBB Hair Milk
- Out of the shower, smooth in some Jessicurl WDT or more KBB hairmilk and either Theraneem AV gel or KCCC and start twisting. My hair is saturated with product and the twisting extrudes some so I blot each twist lightly with a towel and rub some shea butter on the ends. I use the Curlynikki method complete with rollers on the ends and clips at the roots.

Between washes I fluff and hydrate with a mix of Set it Free and either Donna Marie coco hemp cream, burdock root cream, Jessicurl WDT

My favorite DT is a clay treatment followed by Blended Beauty Herbal reconditioner. Clay treatment can be rhassoul clay, rosewater, honey, EVOO or grapeseed oil, yogurt and herbal extracts (marshamall, horsetail, burdock)
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My products:
Hot Oil Treatment: mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil heated in a cup in a water bath
Shampoo: Aussie Moist
Conditioner: Tigi Moisture Manic and Aussie Moist
Leave in: Blended Beauty Soft Swirls and Curls & Paul Mitchell the Conditioner
Stylers: Blended Beauty Butter Me Up, Elasta QP Feels Like Silk

1. Apply hot oil treatment, leave on for 15 min (when I shampoo, skip when co-washing)

2. Shampoo 1x a week (with Aussie Moist Shampoo), Co-wash 2x a week (with Aussie Moist Conditioner). When I shampoo, I lightly rinse out the hotoil treatment and then apply the shampoo. I find that the hotoil treatment prevents the shampoo from drying out my hair, but still removes all the gunk and gets my scalp clean. Also, when I wash, I try not to pile my hair up on top and scrub, that causes tangles. I apply the shampoo/cowash to my scalp and move in a downward direction to work tangles out of my hair.

3. Rinse

4. Apply conditioner (tigi Moisture Manic) and detangle. I keep a few clips in my shower so that when I detangle, I can clip the sections out of my way. I take my finger and divide my hair in 5 sections (1 on each side, three in the back). Clip each section and starting with 1 section, detangle with fingers first, then a wide tooth comb, and lastly with a paddle brush or denman brush to remove all tangles. Twist that section, clip, and move to next section until all sections are complete. (note: when I cowash, i usually just finger detangle or use a comb).

5. Rinse (if I just shampoo'd, then I apply my deep conditioner at this step and then sit under the dryer/heat cap for 30-45 minutes...Rinse then proceed to next step).

6. Apply Paul Mitchell the leave in. I apply this while my hair is soaking wet. I try to apply in the same 5 sections that I detangled in to ensure complet coverage. I apply this when my hair is soaking wet. I use about a quarter size amount per section...I've noticed that my hair sorta sucks this ups along with the water and usually by the time I'm done, I barely have any drippies.

7. Apply Blended Beauty Soft Swirls and Curls (using same sections that I appled the paul mitchell..about a dime size per section)

8. Apply the blended Beauty Butter me up to the last 1/3 of hair to seal in the moisture to my hair (if my hair is really dry, I'll apply this down the entire length of my hair...about a dime size per section)

9. If i'm doing this at night before I go to bed...I'll stop here and take each section and loosely twist in and pin with a bobby pin, wrap with my scarf and go to bed. In the morning, I'll proceed to step 10. If its in the morning, then I'll go to step 10

10. Apply Elasta QP Feels like silk (just a dime size amount to each section), smooth hair down to remove parts and make sure hair is laying the way I want it to look.

11. If hair is really wet or its cold outside, I'll plopp with an old tshirt to remove the excess water while I'm getting dressed.

I know this seems like a lot, but I can usually do this in about 30min at night before I go to bed, or about 20 min in the morning. I only shampoo at night and usually on Sunday evenings when I'm winding down. Also, this product combo means that my extra dry hair is soft and moist until the next wash AND it has given me up to 7 day hair when i've been too busy to wash during the week.
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Here's mine. It may not be much but I hope it helps:

I cowash my hair about once a week and when I wake up and its all smooshed together, I spray with water and give my head a shake or two.

1. Wet hair in shower with warm water.

2. Use something cheap with no cones like Suave apples or aloe or I use Vo5 passion fruit smoothie.

3. I comb hair with a wide tooth comb.

4. Rinse hair really well. I do not like leaving any conditioner in.

5. Squeeze hair slightly with a terry cloth head wrap thingy I got from walmart. I dont tie my hair completely in it.

6. Goop in some LONG AID GEL, smooth it in with fingers. I dont really section my hair. I just grab sections and whatever is whatever! I do not comb it in with anything. I once tried a denman and I ended up looking like a giant man cow licked me.

7. Shake my hair loose a little, kiss the air, give 2 snaps and I'm done!

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I once tried a denman and I ended up looking like a giant man cow licked me.
Originally Posted by jonesybird
lol lol

The gals in the 3C section uses the funniest metaphors in these forums.
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Favorite Leave-in Conditioners - Suave Coconut, Giovanni Smooth and Silk and Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Pantene Relaxed and Natural

Favorite Hair Moisturizers - Silk Elements Hairdress

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