View Poll Results: Do your parents have the same (or a similar) hair type and texture?
No 28 56.00%
Yes 8 16.00%
Sort of (explain in a post) 14 28.00%
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Curly families - you and your parents

NO. I am a super-random baby. LOL.

Mom - 4a/b, thin, wiry
Dad - 4b, thick, black, soft/fluffy
Sister - 4b (relaxed)
Brother - 4b
Grandma - 4b

Get where this is going?? LOL.... I really wonder where this hair came from. It used to be a 4a when I was younger, but after I turned about 14, it became a zig-zaggy 3c thing.... if you get what I mean.
My mother has 2A hair. It easily straightens just by brushing it. My father has thick type 1 straight hair. These are my biological parents. I have 3 b/c type hair.
"I wish two drinks where always in me......" -Julian Casablancas

My mother has 2A hair. It easily straightens just by brushing it. My father has thick type 1 straight hair. These are my biological parents. I have 3 b/c type hair.
Originally Posted by curlsgonewild
a: youre freakin gorgeous

b: your hair is to die for!
My mommy has type 4b hair and I don't know my fathers hair type (proabably 4a) because he's bald now.

My mother says I have my grandmothers hair which is 3c/4a.
Mom - thin, wispy 3b hair
Dad - thick 4b hair (I don't know if he has any other texture. He always brushes it out)

Me - thick 3c/4a/4b. I like to think I got the best of both worlds!
My mom relaxes her hair, but I did a touch up for her a month or two ago and her roots are wavy and almost straight, but not as straight as the wavys in her side of the family. I would say she is 3b/c or 3b/a, she screams that her hair is so "nappy" around touch up time, but she has a silky/shiny hair texture , unlike my 3c/4a fine/kinky/sheeny/spongy texture . She ignores me when I talk to her about her going natural, I don't get it. And brother has this beautiful thick/kinky/sheeny/cottony long 4a/3c hair that he cornrows. I swear his hair is midback wet, but shrinks up inches past his shoulders.

My dad is 4a, like his mother, and I think my paternal grandfather (who was biracial, black/white or black/native) was a kinky 3c/4a like me. My maternal grandmother (who is also biracial, black/native) is a 3c/4a like me, but she has very thick, wiry hair, and my maternal grandfather was a silky 2a/2b from the pictures that I saw of him. My maternal aunts both have silky, fine 2b/3a or 3a/3b hair, one of whom straightens it. Both of my maternal uncles have fine, silky 2b hair. My paternal uncle (who is my father's half brother) has kinky 3c/4a hair like my grandfather, but they are not blood related. And my paternal aunt (who is also my father's half sibling) has fine 4a hair which she relaxes. My cousins all have 4a hair on both sides, besides my two cousins from 2b maternal uncle, who are both silky 2b/3a (more on the 2b side).

Sorry for my life story. LOL
OS Spongy, Fine, 3c, with patches of 4a in the back.

Blended Beauty Type: 3b2 & 3b7

Big Chop: March 17, 2005
Last Relaxer: December 24, 2004
I'm really not sure, but I know my parents do not have straight hair (no one in family does for that matter).

My paternal grandmother has some curl to her hair (probably a 2b/3a) and it is thick and full. But it's short and she gets a perm now, so who really knows. She tells me that her hair was always wavy, but that it got curlier and darker with each baby she had (3 total).

My dad always brushes his and it is a little wavy, so I would also guess he's a 2a/2b. His hair is more fine than my grandmothers is.

My maternal grandmother always talks about her curly hair, but she always tried to straighten in out. Now, it's pretty short and I can't really tell how curly it is. Her hair is fine, but she also has a lot of it. I think she was probably a 3b/3c is her younger days, but her hair is short in many pics and because she straightened it, it's hard to tell.

My mom did the 80's perm thing, then cut it pretty short and is just now letting her hair grow out again. It's to her shoulders, but she straightens with a dryer and mousse. However, it never really stays straight (ah, I remember those days, lol). I think she and I could be hair twins, but she won't try the CG method, even though she raves about how much better my hair looks now that I'm not straightening it anymore. She just won't try it, but I'm not giving up. I'll convert her one day.

My half-brother (but I think of him as a full on bro), had very fine and straight hair when he was younger, but now that he's hit puberty (he's 17)and grown his hair to his shoulders, it looks very similiar to mine - 2b, mostly wavy with a few random curly pieces. The girls just go wild for it and he definitely likes the attention.
I voted no, my mom's hair is baby fine, stick straight 1a. She jokes its so straight its 'painted on'. My dad's hair was 4b and used to be really thick. My younger brother's hair is 4a and its really thick. Mine is 3c and relatively thin.
3c-like S-waves and random curls
Fine density; medium & fine strands
Naturally very dry and very frizzy

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