Tried Miss Jessies Curly Meringue

2 words for the experience . . . "hated it"

For one, my hair smelled like an assortment of jolly ranchers (which gave me a headache). Secondly it didn't do much of anything. My hair kind of was plastered together and didn't form any real curls. It wasn't super-horrible. . . but just horrible enough for me not to want to use it again. I'm glad it was one of my free items in Miss Jessies bogo sell . . . however I'm not so glad that I didn't get two baby buttercremes (I LOVE that stuff).
I hate anything Miss Jessies. Its a big marketing scheme. I do admit I love baby butter cream, buts its ridiculously expensive.

I tell people to try any other than Miss Jessies...if all else fails then go to her.
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I've never tried the baby buttercreme, but the regular scented one smells like a bag of candy canes. It gives me a wicked headache.
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Some of the products, including meringue, made my scalp sting.
All of their stuff gives me a headache and I start wheezing and get a stuffy nose and my eyes tear. Not a good look.
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For one, my hair smelled like an assortment of jolly ranchers (which gave me a headache).
Originally Posted by sistahmaryisis
Haha! Yes I know that exact smell you're talking about. My cousin had some of the Curly Meringue so I tried it. It appeared to work alright at first but then eventually left my hair super dried out. I'm reluctant to try any more Miss Jessie's stuff because of the mineral oil and cones. Ew.
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im gonna have to take this off my list to try...the curly pudding was ok for me i liked the smell but i did get tired of it and i was gonna give it another try but why when kccc rocks...i might try the baby buttercream but imma take the regular off my list to because there products scents are overall strong.........and they cost to fricking much!!!
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I don't care for any of their products. And I've tried them all (except for the shampoo and conditioner).

I guess if Miss Jessies was the only product line available it wouldn't be the end of the world. But there are so many other products out there that are sooooooo much better. (KBB, Oyin, Qhemet Blended Beauty etc.)

I'm really glad we have options!
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i mix the curly meringue with aloe vera gel, i love using MJ for my styling purposes. also there is other alternatives, Miss Jessie's isn't the end & all and i'm sure they aren't forcing you to buy it.
I've tried a lot of miss jessies products.....or should i say I wasted alot of money on MJ's products. Its crazy expensive but for my hair, ill spend anything! But thats not the problem! It doesnt really work as well as they say. I mean its not the worst out there but you can definately do better. I had a better experience using regular ol' Hair Mayo. (its better if your budgeting)
I wasn't all that blown over by it either. The Super Slippery Shampoo was ok. But I like Jessicurl stuff better and the KC stuff even better than that. KCKT is probably my HG conditioner.


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