3a/3b newbie

Hi everyone! This is my first post yay!

Recently I've been really frustrated with my hair, and i was wondering if you all had any advice for me.

I have combo 3a/3b hair. It's curly on top and not so much underneath, which is really annoying. It's also really thin. My daily routine goes like this: shampoo and conditioner, blot dry, comb out with detangler, put in lots of LA looks curl look gel, let air dry for 15-20 min, diffuse upside down. I never air dry because my hair gets flat. This has been working for me for like 3 or 4 years but lately my hair has been looking kinda weird. I don't know if its just my hair or im putting too much gel in or what, but its driving me crazy.

Oh, and another problem ive noticed lately is that when i put my hair in a ponytail, it starts out nice and pouffy and cute but then it falls flat in a few hours and looks weird. Consequently, i hardly ever wear ponytails.

Today i was looking around the forum and i found lots of good info, but i still have some questions. I think i want to try the BRHG but im afraid to switch products. I guess I'm just wondering:
-What sort of daily routine should i be doing/what things do you guys do that work well?
-what are some good tips for possibly thickening my hair or giving it more volume?
-any other tips you might have

Thank you so much!

P.S. I have some pics on myspace so let me know if you want to see them
Hello! Your hair sounds exactly like mine. I've got decent curl, but my hair is thin and sometimes my curls look scraggly. I'm still working on a daily routine, but some things I started since coming here:

1. I cut out most shampooing, and instead poo with conditioner. Once every week or two I will shampoo with a very mild poo (I just started using Cream of Nature - so far so good).

2. Rinse your conditioner out (but not all of it) upside down. This helps with clumping of the hair. And blot dry with a microfiber towel (absorbs the water very quickly, and helps cut down on the frizz). I got mine from Target in to automotive section for 7.00. I also stopped running the pick through my hair. That sort of defeats the purpose of rinsing upside down.

3. I have begun plopping my wet hair. There is a link somewhere that details how to do it, but it's basically piling your hair on top of your head and putting an old t-shirt (what I use) on your head. Pull it snug, and tie the loose ends together. I leave it on for 20-30 mins., take it off, and diffuse until my hair is almost dry. This helps keep your curls formed.

I'm still working out which products are keepers. I've gotten some samples of Boots, re:coil, Rockin Ringlets, Curl Keeper, Confident Coils, and Awe Inspiraling Spray. I also just got some Curls Spiral Cream, and I can't wait to try it. I also use the Curls Souffle, their moisturiser and the Tea Ecstasy (love it). It's trial and error for the most part.

Good luck. This place is awesome for advice, plus truly addicting.
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Welcome Laurinie!

I found a thread that might be very helpful to you. Just click on the link and read all the great info there.


For a routine, you can start by applying ur styling products on wet hair in the shower after leaving some conditioner in (if you haven't tried this yet). See if washing with conditioner only works for you, if that doesn't then use a mild shampoo. Shampoo every 2-6 days, see what works best for your hair. Oily scalps have to be washed more often and dry ones can go longer. Experiment with these things to find a routine that is tailored to your hair, also try plopping to see if that will help you with root volume.
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