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solange 03-23-2006 02:18 PM

Great New Drugstore Conditioner
My new HG!! Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Conditioner - this is a Redken knockoff.

I tried this based upon the posts on the product review board and figured that for the price ($1.49) I had nothing to lose.

I have used this for conditioner washes, applied Care Free Curl Gold and Fantasia IC anti-frizz gel on top and gotten very soft, bouncy, frizz-free defined curls without any crispness.

As a former Aveda fanatic I am stunned and pleased to find such a great product at a low price!!!

The only down side is the smell - it kind of reminds me of a cheap aftershave. It isn't too strong, but it leaves something to be desired.

jeamaria 03-26-2006 03:59 PM

Solange, I am a recovering Aveda addict myself. :) I even put some of my friends and family onto it, but I ended up dropping it, product by product. I think it all started to go wrong when they put the prices up and started putting most of the stylers in those cheapy plastic containers. Plus, I had to give up the cones as they were making my hair dry, and a lot of their products have cones.

I'm really pleased to hear about the Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Conditioner as I'm looking to get two inexpensive conditioners for CO washes. I read a recommendation on this site for the Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter conditioner, so if I can find them both in my area, that part of my routine is all set. Thanks!

solange 03-27-2006 03:27 PM


Let us know how this works for you!!! I am so excited!!! I may even try the mousse in this line.

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