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What happened? I dont have any curls. I chopped a section of hair (mayeb 3 inched wide by 1 inch deep into the hair line) I have 4-5 inches of new growth. I saturated it with conditioner and then washed it out. It did nothign but waves up. No curl or kink or anything. So I waited. Let it dry, shampooed this lil section conditioned it and rinsed it our again. NOTHING! So what does this mean? I dont think Im a 3c anymore....
Newly nappy
This happens to me too. I know my hair isn't curly, it's nothing but waves (and some definite 4a going on in the back). I would still classify your hair as a 3c/4a though.
So if its 's' shaped its still classifies as curly? It doesnt curl though. Just silly waves....
Newly nappy

What is the password on your 2006 hair album?
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On the website, s's (my hair) are curls....
On the website, s's (my hair) are curls....

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