our type of hair. I am new to the area and I have been all natural since 2003. My hair is shoulder length and much longer when I straighten it. I have made the mistake of texturizing my hair and at first it seemed ok. I gently combed a mild relaxer through my hair and left it on for 10 minutes. As time went on and a couple of hair straightening episodes with a ceramic iron it seems to be changing on me. I only shampoo my scalp once or twice a month. I use daily conditioner and pure shea butter as styling products. For the most part my hair looks great and healthy to other people but I know better. Its starting to break off and I need a really good trim/cut. I have color that is growing out on the ends and I cant wait until that mess comes off. I think that is making it bad too bc the color is permanent. It only has about an inch left before its completly gone. But I need to find someone who knows what they are doing and I am almost desperate to drive all the way to Plano just get my hair cut at a carving and slicing salon there. Can someone please help a sista out? I would really appreciate any references. Thank you in advance.
how about someone who braids hair in the Houston area? Ill even drive to Austin for the haircut? San Antonio?
I don't live in Houston so I can't give you a personal reference, but if you go here you can look at the different salons other curlies in your area have had good experiences with. HTH
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i'm in the houston area and would like to find a good one as well. i have no problems with my current stylist, but i think she is layering my hair wrong. for some reason, the bottom is thin and my curls look stringy.
Houston, TX
shoulder length fine 3b/c curls
There is a natural salon in the Rice Village called Uncle Funkys Daughter's or something to that effect. I've never been but they do have a website that I recently checked with prices and service,s they seem proffessional. I googled it so I dont know the web address. HTH
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I don't know if you ever found a salon but there is a place called the Root of You. Here is a link to their site They do it all and they even sell carols daughter products
I would definately check out the salons recommended on this site...theres a ton of em. I have been to the salon in Plano earlier this year..Claudia cut my hair and I was pretty happy with the results. But that is a pretty long drive for you..Im sure there is a closer salon.

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