the grass is always greener on the other side

Your hair looks great, subbrock.

But why are you straightening now? I love it curly!

no need to worry, that 'do only last for 8 hrs...if that!

i woke up in the morning after trying to sleep pretty and my curls were back!
i agree w subbrock. there is a division between "natural" and "curly" hair...the difference being curly hair doesnt qualify...whenever we take issue w our isnt taken seriously...little do they know that alot of curlies go through hell and high water to achieve that ever so envied look! a 10 step styling program hardly screams "ease!"

the problem isnt curly vs kinky...its overall acceptance. if both kinkies and curlies accepted their textures, there would be no room for good vs. bad.

so the grass may be greener on the other side, but there are tons of brown spots that need watering... on both!
so the grass may be greener on the other side, but there are tons of brown spots that need watering... on both!
Originally Posted by jazzijenni81

LMAOTF......that can be said for more than hair!!!!!!

What makes no sense is that if your hair is naturally curly. That is still natural. It doesn't make sense that people from the mindset of fro hawk would have a prejudice against curlies when curlies go through prejudice from straight heads. Its seems so hypocritical. You would think that she would be supportive to you also for going natural. Curlies are encouraged to straighten their hair just as much as fro hawk.( I hope this is not being interperted in the wrong way. I guess my point is that it upsets me that fro hawk is a person who you would think would be so proud of her hair and feel good about her hair and encourage others in their quest for naturally being whoever they are.) I hope this makes sense

I am a member of one of the other boards as well as this board and what I got from both boards is that however your hair is natural its beautiful. Unfortunatley, some women who want to say they don't buy into the good hair/bad hair stigma are still thinking that there kinky or coiley hair is bad. When its NOT its all beautiful! Curly, Kinky, Coily, Straight whatever. Women should encourage each other to be comfortable with themselves regardless of hair texture.

Its the stupid media and hollywood that puts these ridiculous ideas of beauty standards in our heads.

Oh, and by the way subbrock your hair is beautiful.. Sounds like fro hawk might have had some hateraid. Her hair is probably beautiful too. But she might still have some issues with her mindset.

Just some thoughts.
Originally Posted by Creation
Wow, I found this post to be so insightful and I couldn't agree more. I know I'm coming in all late and wrong, but I can testify to being dismissed as a natural because my hair is curly. It happens almost everytime I set foot in an ethnic BSS. Having curly hair doesn't automatically give you a pass to styling ease. All hair textures have their good charactersitics and their bad, so to reiterate on what creation said, we all have to make do and accept what the creator gave us.

It's funny though....most people, myself included, always want what we don't have.
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Man oh man, I went to a popular natural hair site (I will not mention the name) some time back and made the mistake of using "Alishia Keys" trying to describe my hair texture. Did I ever get flamed! It was so obvious that this particular place did not want me there because I do not have hair that is as kinky as everybody else's. It ended up geting so nasty (days after I beat my hasty retreat) and they went on and on and on, the moderators eventually removed my thread.

so sad.

I have not been back there since.

Shook me up so bad, it was with great hesitance and reluctance that I eventually drew up enough nerve to come here. I desperately need to talk to people about my hair to gain insight, but was so afraid that I would get flamed again for trying to go into details as to exactly what hair type I have.
i think i know what site you are talking about... they have been known for that kind of reaction....

but i constantly get dismissed by people!!!! if only they knew! my hair is sooooooooooo thick and it gets a little hard to comb if i don't wet it everyday! when i spent the night at my friends house, i left all my hairstuff at home and i was freaking out b/c i was gonna look crazy in the morning. she goes "you better just brush that up in a ponytail, you got that good hair" ok..... what does that mean? i mean, i know what it means, but it's stupid. she has naturally straight hair (but she is all black) and she braided it once to make it look curly like mine. she came upstairs saying "it's harder than i thought". all i could say was "i told you so!"... it's not so easy once you have to do it yourself.

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