Good quick hairstyles?

What are some good ideas for quick hairstylers to do in the morning? I am always rushing to get to work on time and usually just throw my hair up in a bun or put it half-up half-down. Anyone have any suggestions? I always shower in the morning - since we're not supposed to blowdry does everyone else leave the house with soaking wet hair??
I leave the house with soaking wet hair every wash day! LOL I don't really care. My hair looks good air-dried, and I haven't a clue how to diffuse, so that's what I do!

I don't have any set hairstyles. I generally do: day 1) down, day 2) half down/half up, and day 3) all up. But, when I'm figuring out days 2 and 3, I have to let my hair do what it wants. It ends up going however looks good. I do like bobby pins alot! I keep plenty of those around, and alot of barettes.
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i always like to put it in one low braid pulled to one side, its quick and cute!
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I'm a huge fan of the half-up fake bun, where you use a loose band, and then just don't pull thru the hair all the way as you would for a pony. I then use one or two large bobby pins stuck thru it to hold & shape it. It looks like the top & sides are in a loose, soft bun, but with curls cascading below it. And you can do it w/out a mirror.
Ditto style #2: the Venus on a Seashell/Shakespeare in in Love do, with 2 1-inch sections just above the ear lightly twisted and pinned at the back of the head. Your hair looks gently 'roped back'. Bobby pins are things of wonder.
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This took me all of two minutes this morning:

It’s basically two bee-butt buns wrapped really tightly on either side of my head. Admittedly, it’s just a messy, silly style – but it fits the “quick” requirement. (Not so sure about the "good"... ) If you work somewhere conservative, it’s not going to cut it!

Please pardon the crappy picture… I had to take it myself (sans cosmetics today), and wasn’t able to do a photo shoot to get a good pic as I am actually supposed to be working – go figure!

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