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Style 1 4 33.33%
Style 2 5 41.67%
Style 3 0 0%
Style 4 2 16.67%
Other (for this option please post a picture of your suggestion) 1 8.33%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

New Hairstyle Pictures

This is so exciting. Good luck.
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i know im late, but i didnt vote for #5 only because your hair isnt the sme texture as the models and whats the fun of having short hair if you have to style it every day???

i think a short cut (a la my BC pics )would look great on you. ive got an oval face and we may be hair cousins so at least you know what it may turn out looking like.

sidenote: im not narcissistic!! really im not!!
Congrats on the BIG chop!

I'm sure you'll look beautiful!
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You're going to look FABULOUS! Can't wait to see the pics!
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Cehua - have you ever had your hair cut that short before? Anywho, my texture is TOTALLY different when my hair is that short, so keep that in mind as well.

Good luck and I know whatever you do will look beautiful.
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picture 5
Originally Posted by *Ani*
But that is not my hair texture, Ani. I think she is a wavy and they curled it ( based on the other pictures I have seen of her on the Ford Model website).

Do you think that shape would work with someone with tight curls like me? I really like the shape but I am trying to be realistic with what works with my curls.

ETA: Argh! You too, Potterville.
Originally Posted by Cehua
You could do #5, which is nice, but it would involve blowdrying the curls out somewhat. My guess it that you want to keep it simple (wash and go, pretty much), so I'd go with #2. I really like #1 also, but like the more polished look of number two. Reminds me of Toni Braxton a bit, with the sides.
All right, curlies, I am going to bring in a bunch of pictures and have her work out a look that is unique for me.

I get it cut tomorrow!!!!

Wish me luck. I have butterflies in my stomach. :P

Now, all I need is a pair of big hoop earrings........

Thanks for all of your help!
Originally Posted by Cehua
Good luck, Cehua! You are going to look fabulous.

I would love to go short, but it would never work with my features.
Good luck! You'll be beautiful! You'll be trying to comb the air for a while, but you'll get used to it. Post pics!
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Wow, it must be exciting and I hope you fall in love with it! Looking forward to the big reveal
I'm a little late to vote, but my pick is #1. Can't wait to see the pics!!!
#2 all the way. #5 is nice, but won't work out the way it does on the model, and I don't want you to be disappointed or frustrated.

#2 rocks, and is attainable.
Now I KNOW you got your hair cut by now, Cehua! :P Give us pics!!!!
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I bet it looks so good, she can't stop staring at herself in the mirror. That's probably why there aren't any pics yet.

I really want to see the outcome though. I chopped my hair off last summer and freaked out. But whenever I think about it, I miss my little do. I may do that again. I could probably handle it better this time.
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