How did you find a hairdresser?

I have had my hair natural for quite some time, but after having a hard time finding a good hairdresser, I ended up cutting it off (and I mean short, short) myself. I would like to find someone that I trust to help me transition it to a longer length.

I'm African-American and Japanese... It seems like all the Black salons want to straighten short hair or they do locks, twists, etc... and the non-Black salons seem not to know how to do my hair at all!

If you go here you can choose what state you're in and there will be salons listed with reviews, names of who to go to, and who to stay away from and phone numbers. Good luck! HTH
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Thanks! There are just so many that I don't know where to go! But I'm going to give one of them a call!
I totaly hear you. I want to go to Devachan, but probably won't get an appt until May or so. Meantime, I would love to get a trim as it's been since Nov since I had a haircut. My hairdresser cut a lot off so I've been growing it out. The problem is finding someone who knows how to cut curly hair. So I would suggest asking around, that is what I am doing. Find someone who has nice curly hair and ask where they go. Also, I want them to cut my hair dry as Lorraine suggests....

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