Why does my natural part look like baldness?

There seem to be a problem with the part at the top of the head. At least I hope it's a problem with my part. You can barely see it in my fotki pics because once my hair is dry, I move it over the part. But what is it? Hair loss, thinning or is that the result of the curly hair separating at the top of the head? Does this make sense to anyone? I'm having trouble explaining it.

I'll try to post a picture.
I'm almost embarrassed to post this, it looks so awful.

Sometimes I think it's the way I'm failing to part it. Sometimes I think I'm going bald. I don't know. Anyone have some suggestions on how to minimize that look? I can see it when I look at the back of my head with a mirror. Thanks.
You hair doesn't look thin to me. I think it is just because you have dark hair & the paleness of your scalp shows through your part is all. Just move it to cover you natural part like you have already been doing.
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I also wanted to add that I looked at your other pics & your hair is lovely.

P.S. sorry to butt in on the 3c board. I just can't help myself sometimes
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I think it's fine. I think it's the hair clumping, and when it dries if you can just fluff it a bit, you're fine. As Skywatcher said, it looks worse to you because of the contrast between your hair and your scalp.

Trust me, I have PCOS hairloss (I lost about 2/3 of my hair - no joke! ), and I think you're OK. My scalp shows much, much worse. If it continues to become worse, or if you think there is a medical condition causing it, there's no problem getting a check-up just to make sure.
My hair looks like that on top, but when I part it, it doesn't look thinned out at all. I think it's how my head is shaped and some of what the other posters have mentioned. You can see it a little bit in my Feb/Mar album.
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My hair looks exactly like that on the top, natural part and all!
I've noticed this samething on other women as well with natural hair.
It seems to happen more often as the hair grows out so there probably something about the weight of the hair that causes it to separate at the crown. Just guessing
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It also looks normal to me.
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I have that, too. I think it is how the hair clumps together. Also, it may be exaggerated if you are using a flash on your camera.
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Thanks for the replies.

I'm not used to that happening to the top of my head. When my hair was straight, all you saw was the side part.

I'm glad to read that it looks normal. I wish I had a lot more hair at the top of my head because to me, it looks like I'm losing my hair.
Mine is like that too, and my scalp (and skin) is dark. The first time I took a texture shot I was appalled! But I quickly realized that it was natural, and not the result of me losing my hair (now I can't saw the same for the thinness in the front of my head). If you look in my fotki album in the Naked album you can see what I am talking about....
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Wow M, that's exactly what I'm talking about. You have more hair than I do, so I guess it's not a hair loss issue. Could it be caused by cowlicks?

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