ok, I NEED help with a routine!

This is what I do.

1) Shampoo 2-3x per week with CON
2) Follow with Suave or V05 (deep condish with Lustrasilk Tea Tree whenever i remember)
3) Apply gel (LaBella, blue kind) + grease (Blue Magic Coconut) because it's a weak gel, especially when my hair is soaked - and grease helps to hold my edges better than just the gel alone.

My hair is dull. Sometimes dry, stringy looking. Extremely itchy, sore scalp!!!! I also need a better gel because my gel i have now only holds by itself when my hair is dry. i want my hair to be fresh in the morning, but i can't find any medium hold gels that actually keep the hair soft while giving enough hold on wet hair!!!! I haven't been doin anything different. I pressed my hair a couple weeks ago, but its been a while since i washed it out... so i don't get what the deal is....
I think your shampooing your hair too much...3x a week is a bit much, even though Cream of Nature is mositurizing, it's still a shampoo.

A good gel is Fantasia IC Styling gel with Sparklites =) Also you may want to try some oil so your scalp won't be so itchy.
ITA^^^. if you're using grease, it may be better to use a stronger poo b/c the ingredients in CON may not remove all its residue. i suggest an acv rinse to remove build up and alleviate the itchies. have you tried glycerine based products? they so a great job bringing moisture to the hair. maybe replace the frequent shampoos w conditioner washes to boost the moisture levels of your hair. weekly deep treatments as well. have you tried elucence? honey or olive oil?

*the press may be the reason for the stringy look. sometimes pressing gives the hair a "relaxer that needs to be touched up" look w thicker roots and straighter ends.

jazzijenni actually i had been using suave shampoo but it was a lil too strong. i usually do daily con washes, but i haven't had time this week due to the stupid daylight savings time throwing my body clock off! lol i don't really know any glycerin based products except right on curl activator! and i only use that when i want my hair really really curly. honey and oil sound nice.. maybe i'll try that. i can't afford elucence. some of the ends are loosely wavy/straight already, so i don't believe it's due to the press.. its probably the fantasia ic.

Dijah_xoxo I do have Fantasia but i have such thick hair that it makes it crunchy and stringy due to the thick texture, my zig-zaggy type curls, and the amount i have to use.
Dijah_xoxo I do have Fantasia but i have such thick hair that it makes it crunchy and stringy due to the thick texture, my zig-zaggy type curls, and the amount i have to use.
Originally Posted by babyphat21
your hair sounds like mine with the zig zags and thickness! I wouldn't use such a heavy grease...try nature's blessing. and you should mix fantasia with some oil so it won't get crunchy.
I only use the heavy grease because it lays the hair down... i didn't realize LaBella was so runny. It makes my curls look good, just not my hairline - thus the grease.

UPDATE I washed my hair this morning with CON (i never knew it had honey in it until today!), then i followed with V05 Strawberries & Cream, then i layered olive oil over that, a little dab of honey too... i combed and paddle brushed and let it sit, it was nice! I could see my waves on the top coming back too! I am tired of my hair going straight on top when I wear it back in a ponytail. I would probably have to wear my hair out more to encourage the top to go back to normal. Problem: olive oil seems to make my hair thicker/bigger.... i don't need added volume. although the effect of the olive oil was nice. Are there any good oils that don't boost volume like this??

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