Have appointment at Chicago salon tomorrow-UPDATE :(

Hi Portae, I am sorry you didn't get the cut you wanted, I just want to let you know that I think you are beautiful, and I love your cut.

I agree with the others, while it is shorter than what you wanted, you still look really good!
My opinions:

New pics 1-2 are so-so, not very noticeable or eye-catching

New pic 3 is definitely a hideous style

New pics 4-7 are fantastic! That style is very attractive on you. I actually like that style on you better than the older pics in the albums (I looked at the older ones too to get a complete picture). Whatever cutting and touching up you did to get from pic3 to those after was a good move, quite lovely. Could I hire you to cut mine now?

Long story short, I agree with you that #3 was horrible but your modifications spun straw into gold.

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I understand how you feel, you have an idea of what you want and the outcome is completely different. It looks good and healthy, it will grow back, especially since it is the Summer time when hair grows like mad! Take it as a new look for the Summer, possibly get some color or highlights to jazz it up.
Thanks guys!

I'm trying to look at this as a new spring/summer style that was thrust upon me. The one thing that annoys me is that I can't just wash and run out of the house. I have to scrunch and pat it into the shape that you see in the latter pictures.

Ohura, I love your metaphor of "spinning straw into gold." I was on the phone with my mom last night and said, "That stylist is LUCKY that I was able to stumble onto something semi-cute out of the crap she cut on my head." If not, I might recruit a few curlies to do a drive-by on that salon.

I really want to thank all of you for your kind words and support. It has meant more to me than you know.
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I agree with the others. When you spruced it up a bit it does look really really good!! But I can understand your pain. I'm so careful about who I let touch my hair.
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I really think the cut looks great on you. I know it's not what you wanted, but you made it work.
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The cut's adorable! What a fun summer style.

I know that it's not what you wanted, but wow-- I think your cut is incredibly flattering.

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Ditto what everyone else is saying. With your pretty face, Portae, and some attitude, you make the cut work and look good. Also, it's not so far from the Alana Davis and Halle Berry cuts shown in your other album. Have fun with it!
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Portae, I don't think it's bad at all. The floofed up pix look great, and I'm not just talking about your pretty face. The haircut is cute. More importantly, I think it will grow out even cuter!

The thing with the bangs is so, so annoying. One thing that I did when my forehead hairs were problematically short is to pin them down while they dried; press the hair down against your temple and hold it down with a straight pin (after applying your products). Once the hair has dried, I pulled the pins out, and for the most part, those short hairs stayed down. Pinning them down that way helps keep them out of the way so that I didn't keep messing with them (read BREAKAGE) while they grew out.

Hope that helps. I know how painful it is to get a messed up haircut, but you really do look good. We wouldn't lie to you, girl.

I pm'ed you!
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Just went back and looked at your pics. Girl....that cut is cute! You're too pretty to be hiding behind a bunch of hair anyway! I know how it is when you specifically tell the stylist what you want and it doesn't turn out so I won't knock you for being salty, but it's not bad at all! Work it!
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Just checked your Fotki. Like I said - Still pretty!! I know it's shorter than you wanted it, but I think the haircut is flattering, actually. Especially when it's fluffed up.
Originally Posted by spiral-nc
I have to agree with Spiral. It is flattering. You make the cut work. In the first 3 pics, I can see why you were upset though. While the cut isn't bad, she didn't take into account the shrinkage factor. Especially when attempting to do face framing curls.

You and your friend did a good job of re-styling your hair. Looks really good fluffed up.

I have to say that I almost teared up looking at the first 3 pics. I've had bad cuts before, and have cried. I recognized that look on your face and I felt so sad for you. But you definitely look happier in the last 3. I can tell you feel better about your hair.
Originally Posted by shyygirl723
I agree totally. The way you and your friend fluffed it and restyled it is beautiful. Just consider it your summer style. You look fly.
with everyone else that you do look cute. However, I do feel your pain in that you did not ask nor did you want your hair cut that short. I am in Chicago as well and I know how difficult it is to find a talented hairdresser. Thanks for the heads up regarding the salon. I am wondering though why they will only use CP on a clients head if they shingle. That seems just like a bogus ploy to get more money. They couldn't have taken a dollop of the product and used it without shingling? I do it all the time.
Portae, I'm so sorry you don't like you haircut. I looked at your album and agree with everyone else, you were rockin' that hair in the last 4 pictures! I know it wasn't what you wanted, but it looks cute anyways! Work it out girl, you know your rockin' it!!
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Portea your hair looks fantastic in those last four pisc! I know how it feels to get a cut that is not what you asked for but you are working it, and it looks like it will grow out nicely too

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wow your "make it work" pics look sooo good!

i know its not what you wanted, but your hair still looks great. keep your head up.
Portae, the last few pics are gorgeous! Your hair looks really stylish and cute. And you are such a beautiful girl.

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