Weighing it down

I am currently using confident curls solution and IT freeze gel. Only if I apply a lot it weighs down my hair, yet I get that extremely crunchy thing going on, especially the white stuff. What products can I use to weigh down my curls? Thank You
the girl next door
Maybe Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream or QB Heavy Cream? I have no experience with these two but from reading other posts, I get the impression that they are weighing.

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i'm trying to figure this out too...my hair sticks up and doesn't fall/lay down a little...i'm going to try some gel.
Thanks for the suggestion. Yet, on the past I've tried those product, and that specific consistency makes hair to producty, I can hardly get any curl, and its makes my hair appear wiry.
the girl next door
i'm still experimenting with wearing my hair down... but i have strange, zig-zag curls. they tend to hang down but some gels make them look stringy if i just put the gel on. garnier soft curl creme is really good. it's just a small jar, which is why i don't use it anymore. but if you can afford to keep buying the jars, you have to get the application down. it's a strange product. just put some in your hands and rub them together before you apply to your hair. Somehow, this makes the product work differently... i don't know why. maybe you could try using some gel and raking through while your hair is still pretty wet? i did this with one of those double sided combs (one side is a sort of spiky pik and the other side is a medium sized comb) while my hair was really drippy and it made my curls hang down a lot. HTH
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Thanks for the suggestion, Iíll buy it again and try it and get back to you.
For the past two days, Iíve been applying product then combing or paddle brushing it through. At first my curls become straight, but then I lean forward and scrunch, it seems to have lengthened my curl, while creating more product distribution. I would even say my curls look better after it air dries.

Thanks again
the girl next door

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