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Hello Ladies,

Yes, I just said it :Extensions!
I'm thinking about it ,but not what you maybe think I'm not planning to do an extension all over , only at some parts .I think I'd prefer the neck.
Ok ,well this is how it actually started:

*I always wanted violet or pink or red (not all at one time of course) curly strands.Just like her hair --->>>

I was too afraid of coloration ,because of the bleaching and my hair is breakage prone anyway.
Now I think about some loose hairpieces and I already found a great Site with instructions on "How to do extentions" --->>>

Does anyone have some experience with losehairpieces?
Can I still wash my hair and comb it?

Thanks L*S*N
If you're doing your hair like in the link you provided, you can definitely wash your hair with the extensions in, without messing them up. Same as you'd do with the extensions where the hair is braided all the way down.

Just don't forget to dilute your cleanser and rinse really thoroughly. You should separate the extensions from your own hair to comb it out, so as to avoid tangles.

Spinderella from Salt n' Pepa used to have these in her hair. She had them all over, not just for highlights the way you describe, and it took a lot of staring to realise they weren't actually her own hair. Since your own hair will probably be covering the point at which you braid them in, they should blend even better.

The site you provided the link to made it seem like a recent innovation, for a second, I almost thought they were talking about something totally new.

I even saw an English stylist on TV who claimed to have just invented this technique to prevent the breakage a lot of novice weave-wearers are experiencing from the glue & wefts .
I wanted to get great lengths extensions but then the stylist told me I would have to straighten my hair. I don't like that. Anybody else use graet lengths without straightening?

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