The Bomb Twistout

Hola curlies!

So, I've always been apprehensive about wearing twists because I didn't think my hair was long enough to look right. But I wore them for three days last week (sorry no pics )and got rave reviews so now that it's starting to get warmer, instead of opting for a wash and go like I used to, I'm going to consider wearing twists. It's a lot less work and my hair is unbelievably soft (which surprises me because the water at school is ridiculously hard).

But you all know what a good set of twists brings: a BOMB twistout! Twistouts show the length of my hair a lot more than a wash and go does. Observe:

It doesn't look as chunky as I'd like it to fact, it just makes my curls bigger. But this is by far my favorite natural hairstyle. To keep my twists looking fresh, at night I spray them with water and Rosemary EO, twist in the direction I want them to hang and then tie it down with a silk scarf. In the morning, I undo them, let the breeze ruffle my hair while I'm driving to campus and then wa-la! A cute twistout!

The only drawback: People wanna dig all in my hair. lol

Just felt like sharing
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Your twist out looks CUTE!

Thanks for sharing.

Be Blessed!

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Beautiful! What product did you use to do your twists?
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