Starting over again

Yes I am starting over again. I guess I'm going to transition. My hair is still natural. No chemicals. However when I went to get my first trim and she flat ironed my hair. Well she burned my hair to the point where part wont curl up anymore. It looks like I have a relaxer guys The manager at the salon said she has never seen anything like it and the only thing I could do is cut my hair. Well I refuse to do the cut that short again, so I am sporting weaves till it grows out. So Im back starting over again. Took awhile to come back here, I was so depressed.

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Hang in there Curly Q. Give your hair a little TLC and in no time it will be strong and healthy again. I know a lot of curlies have been able to use heat with little to no damage, but I always ended up with some damage. For trimming, I usually just clipped the ends of my braids or twists. Are you going to trim a little at a time as your hair grows out?
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Well I'm glad you're back . The great thing about hair is that it grows back, and we'll be here for you every step of the way!
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Thanks guys. Imla, I am going to just let it grow right now. I wore braids before and my hair grew alot when I was relaxing. So Im going to go that route again. Its kind of hard to maintain a weave with working out and all. Its weird my hair doesn't looked damaged. No split ends, just won't curl up anymore. Who knows.

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do you want me to go beat her up? because i will, you know! :x
awww, im sorry curlee q. i know how it is when you reach a point of content, then disaster strikes! you're the closet hair twin ive found on, so i KNOW your hair could have been trimmed without heat! i hate when stylists do what they want instead of whats needed. anyway, if its any consolation, your twa was gorgeous! i hope you feel better.
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Man...I am so sorry that happened. I really like your hair, both old and new, by the way. Like Doc said--- it'll grow back. And you know that you have a whole host of curlies here to support!!!

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That sucks. But the good thing is that it will grow back, and before you know it, you'll have a head full of thick, beautiful hair.
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Thanks everyone. I am trying to hang in there. I am going to give it maybe a few more months, then head up to NYC to go to luxe studio to get my hair cut and styled in some manner.

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