BBD Stretch and Glass curling creme

Has anyone used these products? I did a search and did not find anything. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing. So far I know that Miss Jessie's/Curve use to use these products before they developed their own. In fact they still used BBD Stretch as their deep treatment.

So any reviews will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hair facts: 3c/4a I think!
Mixed Chicks Leave-in May 2010
Transitioned 15 months
100% Natural since FEB 2006
I used BBD Stretch before, just as I cut off all my hair. It smells wonderful, like black cherries, and everyone is asking what is that wonderful smell all day! I cannot say that it actually grew my hair, like it claimed, but it's not like I really knew what my hair would do naturally. It did moisturize well though, if you need a little dampness to your hair. I would buy it again, but not with thoughts that it would grow overnight.

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