frustrated by waves and curls combo

(meant to post this here, not the main board)

Is anyone else a 3b/3c with waves at the root and then curls on the end? My hair frustrates me and it seems like the styling methods that work for other poeple don't work for me b/c of my non-consistent hair.

I've tried fingercurling b/c I want uniform curls. But since my hair doesn't curl at the root, even if I try fingercurling it up to the root, it just unravels until it gets to where it curls. Leaving like 1-2-3 inches of waves and then a curl at the end. It looks so stupid! Wash n' gos work ok but I don't get uniform curls that way. I end up with some frizz here, waves there, and curls elsewhere.

Any suggestions on what I can do to get uniform, elongated curls from root to tip? Or something that will make the waves and curls blend in?

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3c - waves and curls
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Not a 3b/c, but my hair does that. I think that alot of tighter curlies experience that. Especially with more length. I just deal with it. I can be frustrating when you want a more uniform look, but after awhile, it becomes pointless is trying to make your hair do something it doesn't want to do. I just work with what I'm given, and am pretty happy.

Including length pulling the curls into waves, hard water, certain products, environmental stress, etc., all of these can contribute to differences in curl pattern(oh yeah, and genetics).

I don't think the varying degrees of curl look stupid. I hope not, because if so, I must look like a fool all of the time then. The only thing I can suggest is maybe doing twistouts. This is really the only way I can truly get a uniform look. Product wise, Curls Whipped Cream gives me a pretty uniform look. Not completely, but it has made a difference.

I'm sorry to hear that you are frustrated, but I'm sure your hair still looks beautiful. Un-uniform curls and all.
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Shygirl - Thanks for responding. I guess you're right. I should just be happy with what I have and learn what works for me. I would like to try plopping to see if I get any results from that. I heard it gives some volume. I will probably purchase the Whipped Cream sometime in the future.

Any other suggestions/replies are still wanted.
3c - waves and curls
celebrity hair twin *gloria reuben*
bra-strap length straight, shoulder length curly when dry
Oops, I forgot to say that I've seen your pictures and you look far from stupid! Your hair is lovely. I probably wasn't clear enough in my regular post - what I thought looked "stupid" (bad word so I'll just say "strange") on me was fingercurls at the end with fat waves at the top.
3c - waves and curls
celebrity hair twin *gloria reuben*
bra-strap length straight, shoulder length curly when dry
Ok, here's what I do (at least when I have the time): Condition your hair real good, put on whatever styling products you use. Then grab your hair in sections and coil them softly up to your scalp and pin 'em. For me, well sometimes, I'll put some curl enhancing spray around my roots only. I let it sit like that until its almost dry. Once I take the pins out I spray on some more leave-in just because. What I hope you'll see is that your hair looks more uniform. The wavy roots are more curly, and the curly parts are looser.

My sister just told me her way just now. She bought this water soluble hair wax from Bumble & Bumble. If you use that stuff when you finger curl your hair you'll definitly get more uniformity. By the way, my sis has 4a/3c type hair. I hope I helped. Let me know if it worked. If not I'll ask around the office.
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Products: Suave for curls (poo & condish), VO5 Hot Oil Treatment, & Pantene stuff (when I have the $)
Thank You! I'll give those methods a try!
3c - waves and curls
celebrity hair twin *gloria reuben*
bra-strap length straight, shoulder length curly when dry
Doesn't finger curling cause frizz?

Just wondering.

Btw, I have the same problem as you. Wavy at the top and curly at the bottom.

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