3a hair pics!

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Aural...beautiful! Do you remember what you did last year to get it like that? Was it a rare good day? All the pics look good, but I do love that first one. Gives me serious curl envy.
Originally Posted by plunkybug
It's actually really weird, because I had been torturing my hair with the good 'ol chi flat iron against what everybody else thought. But then I was at this summer camp thing, and it was way too humid there (+40ish) so it wouldn't stay straight, so I bit the bullet and went curly. I hadn't really ever worn it curly then, so I'm pretty sure that's natural without product.
I didn't know how lucky I was -_-
Originally Posted by aural_15
If i could just offer you my opinion:

when you were using your chi flat iron, even though heat is bad for our hair, you were probably using some kind of heat protectant. Also, if i may assume that you kept your hair straight for a couple of days, WITHOUT WASHING IT, it would be safe to assum that what your hair needs most is moisture and not being washed everyday. Don't know if youre doing the whole cg method, but i would say you need a lot of conditioner, and leave ins and things like that!!!
3A Med texture, normal porosity and elasticity
CG since August 2010 and loving it
Currently loving: Giovanni's tea tree low 'poo(once a week), GVP Conditioning Balm or Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Conditioner, Honey DT's, Honey in my gel:P
Style: Gel Biosilk's Hardrock Gelee(my HG) OR Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curl Mousse or Alba Botanical Strong Hold Gel

Loves me some VOLUME So no clumps here, Thanks!
Is my hair 3a? I figured instead of me trying to figure it out I'd let you girls decide. TIA!
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3a hair pics!-faceb.jpg  
Here's mine:


College student with super-fine 3a-b curls.
Currently loving shampoo bars, and looking for a new conditioner and leave-in.
Just lovin' the smileys!!!
CG for three and a half years!
Originally Posted by kaika_dragon
Wow! That's beautiful! The curls in the back of my head are not HALF as nice as your's. I love it!
In reference to that comment there, PSSSt. Wear your hair down for more than three hours (:
Non sum qualis eram
i'm so jealous of you all! :O

and a less stupid one:
Originally Posted by norhtaa
Your hair freakin rocks!!
Ok, I *think* I'm a 3A (not 3B) when I look at all of your pictures...I keep getting confused! So here's a few.

CG: 9/4/09

3a and 3b/F/ii

Condish: CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner
Shampoo (Sulfate-free): Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (use 1-2x/week)
Styling Product: HETT mousse

TRYING to grow it out- maybe softer water and going almost strictly CG will help!
i'm so jealous of you all! :O

and a less stupid one:
Originally Posted by norhtaa
Your hair freakin rocks!!
Originally Posted by Afro Kitten

I love how the front of your hair looks....how do you get it like that?? Thanks
3b, fine textured,thin and normal to high porosity.
what do you mean by the front? do you mean the fringe-type-thing? i don't really have much of a routine, i just conditioner it every month maybe but wet it every morning and scrunch
what do you mean by the front? do you mean the fringe-type-thing? i don't really have much of a routine, i just conditioner it every month maybe but wet it every morning and scrunch
Originally Posted by norhtaa
wait....you mean you dont conditon it every day?? wow my hair would a train wreck if I did that.

You have really beautiful hair though
Mixture of 2c/3a curls, fine to med texture


Wishing my hair would be more like this ------>
and less like this --------->
what do you mean by the front? do you mean the fringe-type-thing? i don't really have much of a routine, i just conditioner it every month maybe but wet it every morning and scrunch
Originally Posted by norhtaa

I mean the bang area....your hair falls so nice, just wondered if it was products you used or just the way your hair is cut and falls naturally.
3b, fine textured,thin and normal to high porosity.
oh thank you! and yeah i couldn't condition mine every day cos my hair doesn't seem to like being washed lol so i do it as little as possible! funny how our hair all acts differently

anyway i cut it myself, just try and sort of cut it in layers and have shorter bits at the front but it usually gets pulled to the side or grows too long so i mostly have it as a side parting like this

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All of your hair looks so beautiful!
Here is a photo of me from a few years ago taken on my best hair day yet. And I honestly didn't do anything different than my usual routine. I guess there must have been something special in the air that day.
Originally Posted by makalak

Is that your natural color? I love your curls. I love everyone's hair here. So pretty.
here is mine!

im so J... everyone has such beautiful hair

Ps. im not CG yet, will be soon though! hopefully my curls should have a major improvement then!
Originally Posted by CurlyWorly
You have my dream hair!!!
Wow everyone who's posted pics, I am officially jealous! All your hair is gorgeous! I'm like 2b, 2c. I wish my hair was as curly as you guys.

I normally wouldn't comment if I couldn't contribute a picture, but I had to compliment you guys!

I wish my hair looked like yours
Around 1993 or so
Here are a bunch more oldies:
Ummm - 1996?
Here are some more recent ones:
August 2010
August 2010
Spring 2010


I have a terrible time trying to find someone who cuts my curls properly. I have an appointment for a DevaCut in a couple weeks and I can't WAIT!!!
Janet ~ Northern NJ
Properties: Dense, Fine, Low Porosity, Low Elasticity
My Picasa Album
What I used in this photo:
Cleansing: Suave Tropical Coconut Condish
Conditioner: CJ Smoothing Condish
Styling: CJCQ

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here are my 3a curls..
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3a hair pics!-photo-2010-08-22-11.41.jpg  
though underneath I'm definitely a 3b/c

But here's my pic from this morning - it has been behaving wonderfully since I switched to the following:

Garnier Fructis triple nutrition co-wash
Herbal Essences Totally twisted conditioner (I leave it in)
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine fortifying leave in
Herbal Essences Set Me Up

Now it lays nice, it curls nice, the pattern in the front is wonderful even on the 2nd day. I just love it and the frizzies are fewer and farther between than they've ever been. I do have a shine spray at easy reach in case I need it - and I do use it on occasion - but I just like the curl pattern so much more with the HE conditioner and gel...it's much much nicer.

My hair is *super* thick, I have a TON of it and it's really fine. So getting it to stay clumped together is key for it to staying looking nice. Also the weight of those products keep the curls from sproinging up and causing different less desirable effects.
Attached Thumbnails
3a hair pics!-curly102710.jpg  
Lovely CurlyClaire!

HCB, it does look like 3a on top, but maybe as you continue on with CG, your canopy will match what's underneath. Maybe protein would help there...fine hair usually loves protein, and since fine hair is more prone to breaking, adding protein is good.

Lady Caiside, Noble Lushetarian and Wavy Wayfarer of Mugglswick, in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

2b-3a Fii, porous and low elasticity

Currently using a variety of products, and looking for that magic combo

Hair bio: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...5&postcount=59

Here's mine.
3a Long (waist) thick med course dry thirsty
Poo: Eulence moisture
Co-wash: GVP CB
Condish: GVP CB
LI: KBB nectar
Styler: CK CIAB
DT: Curl Junkie
Diffuse 70% dry
Location: Pompano Bch Florida


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Originally Posted by MimsTX
Hi! I was wondering how you get your hair so smooth and not frizzy...I have basically the same exact curls as you

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