Fantastic Stylist/Salon in NYC

I finally got my hair done (after tons of rescheduling by me) by Dana at Textures Salon-134 West 26th Street Rm 770 (btwn 6th and 7th Avenue) in NYC, per Dboucle (if she still logs on) recommendation from a Dec 2005 posting on this board. Dana is fabulous!!!!!

I loved that is was appointment only, she recommended a good hair routine, and she also sells bodycare products see

If you check out her portfolio on her website you'll see that she handles all kinds of hair.

I think it is great to search through these boards looking for something new, so here it is.....a place to go and have your locks cared for by someone that doesn't want to put chemicals in them, but who will work with your natural curl and enhance them.

I have happy hair now and if you want to give Dana a try she will be posting ads in TimeOut NYC for discounts or give her a call at 646-763-5326 and mention that Marjorie sent you.

Feel free to reply with any questions or comments
Thanks for the rec! I'm always on the lookout for good NYC salons. I thought the stylist's name/client list sounded familiar, so I looked up her bio, and turns out she used to be at Luxe Studio (where I did my BC). I never had my hair cut/styled by her though.

So... do you have any pics? What did you have done? How are the prices? And did Dana (and the other stylists) seem comfortable styling highly textured natural hair (3c, 4a, etc)?

Unfortunately I am old school so no digital camera. But I will work on some pics. I am going back to get some highlights because I did a home color and it needs some revitalization. I will definitely take pictures then. Dana did a deep conditioning treatment and cut my hair. I have very strange texture hair but I wear my hair curly so she cut it freehand, which really impressed me. I am so used to stylists straigtening hair and then cutting it, or trying to cut it wet. I thought the prices were average, compared to some quoted here on the boards but definitely not cheap. I think it was worth it. Dana does your hair from begining to end (no other stylist involved) and loves hair, all textures. She wears her hair natural and is totally comfortable styling any hair, based on the client lifestyle and needs. She gets to know you so that she can style your hair accordingly.

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