wet to dry....

hi, i am still kindda new to this.

but i really want to tame my 3c/b curls so i can finally beat frizz.

so far is use:

sunsilk watermelon leave-in conditioner spray
V05 curl booster spray gel

(what's a leave-in moisturizer?, same as condtioner?)

anyway, my main issue is that my hair, because still not very long, tends to look almost completely different from wet to dry. after washing, it looks nice, long and well defined, but when dry the shrinkage is really bad, but ever time i even touch it to stretch it again, it just frizzes.

what i realize is that ofcourse the hair (or atleast the gel) needs to be very dry before i can even touch the hair at all. but that will be within atleast 4 hours of air dry.

i was wondering if anybody has any good drying techniques, which can dry the hair fast and effectivley, i have tried plopping, which works nice, although longer i do that, more frizz it seems. but then i remove the cloth, my hair is scrunched together and i must stretch it again (causing some frizz) ~~

i have tried blowdrying with a diffuser, but desnt seem very effective, hair shrinks and/or frizzes.

basically it's either frizz or bad shrinkage, can anybody with short curly hair relate? (im still growing it btw) ~ please help if u can.

i think your hair looks nice! but if you want it to appear longer, maybe you could grab sections of hair, pull on them to stretch out the curl, then blowdry while pulling (concentrating on the roots). I find that this method helps combat shrinkage a little bit.
your hair looks cute!

maybe you could try a heavier gel?

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