I want to do some twisting because I seen some photo albums and the hair looks really nice when the twists are out.

I never done anything like this before and I never even braided my hair before (not even as a kid!).

How do I do it? Should I get a friend to help (my hair is big and down to my shoulders) How long do I keep the twists in? When I take the twists out, do I rinse and/or add product or oils? Any tips?

Will my hair start to lock up too? I have very "dread-able" hair, if I go just a few days without running my fingers through it or deep conditioning, dreads start forming.
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I think most people, myself included, though I've yet to perfect it, just grab the hair in sections, separate that section in two and start twisting. I generally twist in the direction I want my hair to fall. You can keep them in as long as you like or you can unravel them and wear a twist out. You can twist the hair wet or dry and use whatever products you like or none at all, that depends on your texture and preference. If you twist while wet make sure it's completely dry if you want to wear a twist out. This technique has been known to add some elongation to the hair and help with definition. Your hair should not lock up as long as you don't leave them in forever, as a matter of fact, this may help in that area. HTH.
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Thanks. I might twist them with a bit of coconut oil.
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)

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