Revive my curls

Too explain this i will need to go into a bit of detail lol!

well basically i once had long curly hair but i dyed it too often and relaxed and it survived a good year or 2 with that routine then the hair completely died and i cut off all my hair. When my hair was short it was unbelievably curlier and healthier! but i didn't like having short curly hair cus it didn't suit my round face..

anyways my hair is now shoulder length when straight and i would like to have it curly again but my hair is literally waves and straight fizzy bits with a few curls at the back and it gets extremely greasy and limp when theres product in it and my hair very thick and im mixed race my hair has never been limp like this before its usually very thick and volimnous sometimes TOO volimnous.. i need a routine to help bring my curls back

i have a few split ends too lol
i am no expert but have you searched some of the forums. your probably in need of some good moisture routines, a good way to apply product routine etc. there is lots of good advice in the general hair discussion section. if you try the pixie curl and scrunch out the ccrunch it helps with body and frizz cootrol... basic break down.... after shower apply leave in while soaking wet and hair product (gel or mouse of your choice) then use a blow dryer with a diffuser, in sections scrunch hair up ti head with diffuser blow dry on low or no heat, turn off dryer and move to next section. all the while touching your hair as little as possible. i usually only dry my hair to damp this way. then let it air dry the rest of the way. when it is completely dry i will sotc(scrunch out the crunch) with either a pomade(which might be to heavy if your having limpness) or with aloe vera gel(avg). try to touch your hair as little as possible while drying. so thats basically what i do, and most people on here have similair routines, diff products etc. hope that helps a little
3c mostly, some 3a/b on top from damage, some 4a kinkies in the back
fine, medium volume
product junkie
gave up my pureology conditioner
cowash with suave naturals
loo poo with abba gentle shampoo for colour treated hair
leave in sweet almond oil, suave coconut condit, g direct leave in,
too many products too name!!! currently really liking down under naturals spray gel and life brand honey pomade
pw: ravencurls

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