i noticed something about 3b girls

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I don't know about "most", but I'm Jewish (East European) and am a 3b. It's the "family hair"- everyone on my Dad's side has the same thick curly hair, and most of my cousins have it straightened. My Grandmother despairs everytime another curly head bites the dust- she looks at it as though they're betraying the family legacy! :P
I saw this post and thought it was interesting. I usually post in a 3C forum, but I'm mixed. I see quite a few people who have similar hair as me here, but I think I'm more 3C. I'm mixed... my mother is black(french & N.American heritage) and my father is white (Irish & German heritage). I've got golden--ish brown curly hair. The Irish side is quite dominant.
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I am bi racial and allot of my friend that are
Either have 3a/3b/3c mixtures

I also have friends who are white/Hispanic/black
And they have 2b hair so not all biracial curliest fit
Into a type of curl...

But I see where you are coming from and I know you meant no disrespect to anyone. ; )
[/QUOTE]Of course it's true! For example, how many pure asian girls do you know who have curly hair? I know none. It's all about genetics, I know, shocking! Curly genes are more common in certain ethnicities. It s not a stereotype or generalization, it's a scientific fact.[/QUOTE]
^ (i hope I got the quote thing right, I hardly post on this website)

my whole family are pure south indians,& we all have curly/wavy hair !
& me, my mum and my baby brother have 3b curly hair.

my dad and my 2 sisters have 2b wavy hair.
actually, I think everyone on my dad's side has 2b hair,
and only just one more 3b on my mum's side; my grandma.

pure asians can have curly hair too! ;D
also, i'm in India , for the first time, on holiday.
I noticed almost everyone here has 2a/b/3a hair.
I saw a few 3b girls too, too bad everyone here brushes out their hair dry

p.s. the sun & humidity is killingggg me. I think I may die soon.
holy crap.
British/Norwegian 3B here... although I get the Russian/Jew question a lot, so I kind of get what you're saying.
I have a 3b/3c mix and I'm fully black. My dad is Nigerian and my mom black(:
I think this an interesting observation. I am a mix but I am multiracial. My father is East Indian and my mother is a combination of mostly American Indian and French. On the French side is where the curly hair came from. My maternal grandmother was from Lousiana. She was mostly French but had some African American in her background. But I also think my father has some curly heads in his family as well. I am about 95% of races that would normaly have straight hair, but with genes you never know. I would say it is probably more common that mixed race and middle easterners have curly hair, but there are still a lot of other people that fit the 3b description as well. Good point though!
Sorry, this is a duplicate post. I accidently clicked twice.

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Wel I'm Black White &&Indian.. I Have 3b hair type but i dont believe yur statment is true
ma i dont really no im german/australian so i dont know hahaha
i'm not mixed either..
i have 3b hair and i'm somali.
Well my hair comes from hispanic origins...
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I'm also not mixed... I'm Iranian. When I was in my teens I got asked a lot if I was mixed because of my hair
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How funny?! I keep getting asked if I am mixed or African American.

I am Italian (mother) and Irish (father)--caucasion with blue eyes with 3c curls. Curls came from my father and thickness came from my mother. It all adds up to BIG hair
I'm brazilian which automatically means mixed... african, portuguese and spanish in my case
Nope, I'm completely white. Although many people have assumed me to be mixed based on my hair alone.........................
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I'm a bit of a mutt (mostly German, but also Russian, English, Irish, and Blackfoot Native American thrown in WAY back there - like 8 gens!), and I have 3b. I keep getting asked if I'm mixed though (like black/white mixed).
My daughter has 3b hair..

I'm an 100% salvadorean wavy and my partners an 100% Persian straighty ..

but she has the same hair as my dad so adorable ^.^ I love it.
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No, not really. I have 3b hair, and I'm African American. Well, except my great-grandmother was Cherokee. Don't know if that counts.

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