i noticed something about 3b girls

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I am black, indian, and aboriginal and I have 3b hair. While i dont think that the majority of 3b people are mixed, jewish, etc, I think that a lot of mixed people end up with 3b hair. It seems to be the 'default middle hair' between straight and kinky. That's not saying that mixed people cant have other types of hair or that white people don't have 3b hair without being part black or something.
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lol true am egyptian 3b most of my frndz are 3b 2 ^_^
I think that's the case sometimes too. I'm very multiracial. (Black, white, cherokee, polish and a lot of syrian-lebanese) my hair is 3c very fine n crazy! Lol

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cherokee and slovack here
3a/b i think..
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I'm cherokee too, along with sicilian, and spaniard from mom, black and cuban from dad.

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My great-grandfather was jewish. ..so I guess in my case it's true. I'm the only one with curls though. Most people in my family have wavy or straight hair.
Hmm, I also know a lot of irish, australian, etc. white girls with 3b hair. I'm pretty much 100% polish but I'm also part (eastern european) jewish. I'm pretty white, in other words. Though to be fair my hair is more of a mix of 3a and 3b.
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That's somewhat true, but I'm neither. I'm 100% Puertorican & I get my curls from my mom .

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I have one patch that bounces from 3b-3c...but I'm black with distant mixes (Almost everything, but mostly African, Mediterranean/Southern European and German), but since my hair is mostly 4a...I also have some 3cish patches behind my ears that I just recently discovered.
well...it's partially true. I'm creole, from southwest Louisiana. So I am very multiracial...just about everything you can mix into one. But my friends and family members all have very different hair stypes. My brothers hair is pin straight, my youngest sister is 2b, and my other sister is 3c. So I can't really prove your statement from what I've seen.
I'm mixed too I am black, Cherokee, white, and Puerto Rican

Yes, I noticed the same thing, that most girls with curly hair (3b type) are mixed (depending on your mix) somewhere down the line whether its from your great, or your great great grandparents or not, those traits will still appear. It's still in your blood.
I am neither, but I do know a lot of 3b's come from a lot of other ethnic backgrounds.
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I noticed this too. A lot of mixed people have 3b curls. But I noticed that people from mediterranean countries.. like Italy have pretty curly hair and also Irish people tend to have very curly hair. My mom is 3b and claims to be only German, dutch and a little Irish. But she doesn't look it at all, I'm sure she has Italian, Greek, or maybe Jewish in her.
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I'm Nicaraguan and black. My mother who's Nicaraguan has a lot of native Indian on her side of the family. I'm have fine 3a/3b hair
Am African American w small amouts of 3c curls

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i'm 3B and i'm jewish, italian, lebanese, and romani. i'm also scottish though, so i look really white.
Well first that's sort of racest and second your way wrong I know 3b's that r not mixed and third if any one agrees with me say so
Well im costa rican and panamanian and im a 3b/3c too

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