i noticed something about 3b girls

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Yes IRL I've noticed that(within certain ethnicities higher percentage are 3bs) of course not on this board though since it's a curly board and the majority of the US population is white.
Well I don't really believe that each ethnicity has certain types of characteristics (since we are all brothers and sisters of the world, in the eyes of God, so me you and that random guy over there are related somehow, distant or close, straight hair or curls.) We are all different. I consider myself mixed and I have 3a-3b hair and 3c curls at my nape, but as I said, I don't believe a certain trait has to belong to an ethnicity.
Originally Posted by AlannahAngel
But some of them do.
well I'm a pastey white Aussie with 3b hair.... I guess if I were to hunt back in time, I think I have some scottish or irish blood in there somewhere.....
I'm mixed as well, african-american and caucasian
I have 3b hair (I'm pretty sure) and I'm a mix of various shades of white
Originally Posted by likethegum
Im a very white redhead of Irish and Cherokee descent....transitioning is hard but i luv my curls!! new pics coming soon
Well, I'm Chinese, Carribbean and English Meh.
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Im very mixed, my father is african american and my mom is puerto rican, portuguese and native american and I have 4a hair. One of aunts on my fathers side of the family (she is also african american) and has 3c hair. 3b hair isnt just a mixed thing because I know plenty of other mixed people that dont have 3b hair also. AND I once knew a boy in high school who was irish and italian, and had blonde 3c hair.
I have 3b hair (I'm pretty sure) and I'm a mix of various shades of white
Originally Posted by likethegum
Me too. There are a few Native Americans several generations back, but they're not normally thought of as curlyheads.

As far as I know, whether or not your hair grows curly or not has very little to do with race... I don't think that the gene controlling how hair grows is even remotely near the one that controls skin tone. That said, there may be a correlation between race and the *tendancy* towards certain characteristics (much in the same way that people from Scandinavia tend to be quite pale and blonde), but that's because of the current gene pool in the area, not necessarily because the two are actually intrinsically related. My point is that race of any sort (mixed, pure, or otherwise) is not directly related to curl type, though there may be a propensity towards certain kinds of hair types in a given ethnicity. Hope that makes some sense - my memory of genetics is slightly rusty.
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Im also mixed :-) Half ugandan and half danish.
3b textured curly from DK.

As far as I know I'm purely scottish. I think maybe if you went far enough back there would be a couple of irish kicking about. My family haven't moved far as theres a phobia of the sun or something!
well i have 3b curls for a different reason. my hair was i would guess very 3c with a little 4a until chemo wiped my hair out. and now im 3b/3c mix
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I'm purely african-american and i have 3b hair
CG..yep that's me!

I'm "light enough to pass" but I'm definitely mixed... in the infamous words of my uncle... the only color that mattered to our ancestors was pink.


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I'm half-German (source of curls is maternal grandmother who had thick dark curls), Scottish, Swedish and Norweigan.

My hair is very fine 3b/c and I have LOTS of it.
Maybe it may be like that in your area, I don't know. But on the whole, that isn't the case at all. There are soooo many 3bs and 3cs who are not biracial. I am AA of with a multi-ethnic background, but not biracial. I am a 2b/3b/3c mix, and my sister is a 2a/2b/3b mix. I also have relatives who are 1s and 2bs and they are not biracial either. Because of slavery, a large percentage of African Americans are mixed with different ethnic groups (even if they aren't aware). As a result, we come in all colors, features, and hair textures.

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Not mixed.
I'm so white I burn if I look out the window.
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Originally Posted by bmused
I agree-fair skinned Scotch/Irish brunette:3b,dry,thick,fine,low porosity,elastic
I am Jewish (Middle Eastern/Mizrahi) and black. I sort of understand what the OP is saying. I would say many people mixed with african and caucasian decent do exhibit hair in the type 3 category. Now whether that's a,b,or c.. depends on on genetics.. LOL! I have type 3c hair and the majority of people I notice that are mixed with african and caucasian that wear their hair naturally curly often have type 3c hair but THINK it's 3b and refer to it as such.

Middle Eastern Jews can be a range.. many Jews of ACTUAL Middle Eastern decent often exhibit curly hair falling in the type 3 range of curls whether it be a,b, or c.

So I do comprehend her observation..but I wouldn't say ALL or even the majority of mixed people have type 3b hair at all.. plenty of predominently Caucasian people exhibit 3b hair.
Very interesting topic! I'm mostly Scottish, English, and German, but I inherited my curls from my grandmother on my father's side who was African American with some Native American, Irish and Cajun mixed in. My hair is definitely 3B but my brother's hair is 3A and he get's mistakened for being Jewish occasionally.
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I have noticed that alot of the girls I meet who have similar hair to mine do tend to be mixed race. There are a few exceptions ofcourse, two girls in particular i know of, who are white. I am White with British heritage, nobody in my family knows of any other racial influences which made my hair curly (as no-one else seems to have it, or atleast to my extreme...)

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