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Question...what conditioners are you ladies using with this method? I've experimented a few times, and my hair always looks nice when its wet, but when it dries it gets crunchy (almost like I used a heavy gel) and it feels dry and looks dull.
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown
I've basically used quite a few of the conditioners she's used: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Pantene Relaxed and Natural, Finesse Moisturizing, Aveda Brilliant. The ones that worked the best(for me) were the Hello Hydration, Finesse, and Aveda.

I've also used Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine and Curl & Shine, Aussie Moist, and other conditioners that were cone free. I found the Garnier and Aussie to have too soft a hold and the conditioners without cones had virtually no hold and left my hair dull and dry looking. It seems like the cones add hold and shine. Also, I don't do it exactly how she does it.

If I were to put conditioner in my hair like she does while it's soaking wet, even though it's not that long, it would take forever to dry. So I let it dry most of the way, then add the conditioner mixed with a tiny bit of water as a leave-in/styler. And yes, it does dry with a little bit of crunch, but once I move it a little it softens up and isn't DRY how it is with gels.

Gels dry my hair out something horrible no matter what leave-ins or conditioners I use. This technique lets me have some hold without damaging my hair.

Hope that helps.
Watching her in that video definately got me hooked on this method again. I used to get drier curls too from doing this, but now I know why.
My hair wasn't wet enough. Now I apply it on wet ,but not dripping wet hair. When my hair has dried (sometimes I blowdry it with cool air) I scrunch and gently pull out some curls. That way I get the softest hair ever. I'm so spoiled with my perfect definition that I don't use gel anymore. I rewash every 3-4 days or so. Refreshing is quick and easy. Love it. This may not work for everyone ,but for me its revolutionary.


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