Ladies & Gents I Need Your Help

Alright... since getting back from college for the summer my hair has been an absolute mess, and i am lost as to what I need to do with it. I know that it is probably my fault do to the lack of time to properly care for my hair when i was in school but people i have seriously not had such a hard time with my hair EVER i dont think.... this is my problem.

My hair has become impossible to detangle, it feels like parts of it wont even absorb the water when i am in the shower and to make this even better i can not seem to get my detangling process done without having the shower turn cold before i can get to scrubbin me! lol

So theres that, im just wondering what you are all doing for summer hair care and if there are any new amazing products that i should be looking at (the cheaper the better!! )

Right now i just order a new Devacurl one c that is suppose to come in the mail tomorrow, loved it when i had it at the beginning of the year, now ive heard a lot about formula change so im a little scared :-S but in the mean time i have used low poo, lustrasilk (which i dont think my hair likes at all) and recently heaven in hair deep treatments... my hair is 3b/3c mixture... (some serious 3c in the back part of my head, maybe even some 4a? i dont know lol its intense though)

PHEW! I think thats it
3b/3c Curls lookin for some lovin!!

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if your hair doesn't seem to be absorbing water, maybe you should try a clarifying treatment (whether it is shampoo, acv, baking soda, bentonite, castile soap etc...); you may have some product build up preventing the water from being absorbed.

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Here are some really good detangling moisturizing conditioners. I use the first 3, and even to these I tend to add a little KBB hair milk because that stuff will make anything detangle:

John Masters Citrus & Neroli
Jessicurl Too Shea
Mop Top Daily conditioner
Elucence Moisture Balancing
Trader Joe Nourish
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